Beginner’s Guide in Buying an Air Conditioner

Finding the perfect air conditioning unit for you might be a challenge, especially if you are buying one for the first time. It’s important to consider a few things so you can get the perfect aircon unit that best suits your needs.

Condura has been providing households with durable and long-lasting air conditioners that are built, designed, and tested for Philippine weather. The brand proudly caters to Filipinos and is the only AC company with 10 testing facilities in the country.

To maximize the advantages of Condura aircon, here are the things that you need to know. Read on to find the perfect aircon for you.

Types of Aircon
Condura offers 2 types of aircon: window type or high wall type. Window type aircons are single units assembled in a casing where all components are located. These are what you usually see in homes mounted in window sills.

High wall aircons, or split type ACs, consists of an outdoor and indoor unit, which are connected by insulated refrigerant lines. The compressor is not placed inside the conditioned area, so it functions quieter than a window type aircon. These are usually mounted on walls and are used if you want a cleaner aesthetics and quieter operation in the indoor space.

Factors to Consider When Buying Aircon
Before you purchase an aircon, it’s important to take into consideration 4 factors: room size, energy efficiency, budget, and warranty.

Room Size
Will you be using your aircon for your room or will you be using it for your business or an office space? The size of your room will influence what type of aircon you need to buy.

If you plan to install it in your bedroom, then Condura’s range of window type air conditioners are perfect for you. The Condura 6S only costs as low as P2.48 per hour and it’s the best unit for newlyweds settling in their new abode or for single adults living alone.

You can also go with the Condura 6x, which could provide cooling to areas of up to 42 square meters depending on the horsepower variant. It has a 4-airway flow cooling for better air circulation too.

For your growing family, a further upgrade would be the Condura 6x Plus, which has a Durakote protection on five of its major parts for a maintenance-free experience, something only Condura offers in the market. The unit has a 5-year warranty on all Durakote-coated parts of the unit.

For larger spaces such as offices, restaurants or classrooms, the Condura Prima and Condura Inverter 2 can help cool the area and still cost you less on electricity charges.

Energy Efficiency
It’s important to invest in appliances that provide us comfort and still costs us less when the electric bill comes. Using an aircon increases your electric consumption that is why Condura offers energy efficient ACs that can accommodate your household budget.

Before you purchase an aircon, check for its energy efficiency ratio (EER), or the ratio of the AC’s cooling capacity to its power input. The higher the EER, the more energy efficient the unit is. Condura’s window type unit has an energy saving plug (ESP) feature that provides not only convenience but also lower costs for users.

The ESP alternates electricity between the aircon and an electric fan depending on timer settings, lowering electricity consumption in the long run and still giving your room a well-regulated cooling and ventilation. It really is the best saving hack and a game changer for air conditioners.
The Condura Prima split type AC’s 1.5 horsepower variant has an EER of 11.1, one of the highest EER to date. It also has anti-mildew, biol filter and silver ion features for healthy indoor air quality so if you’re planning to install a split type aircon for your living room or a larger space, then this unit might just be what you are looking for.

Condura has inverter aircon units for both its window type and high wall type variant so if you are a fan of inverters, there’s a unit that can cater to you.

The Condura iWrac’s inverter technology, along with the ESP feature, can save you over 30% on electricity charges compared to non-inverter aircon units thereby giving you double the savings. It also has a seasonal energy efficient ratio of 14.2, for its 2.0 horsepower variant

For the split type version, the Condura Inverter 2 utilizes its inverter technology by lowering the compressor’s operating speed once the desired temperature is reached, saving a huge amount of energy. It has a silver ion filter that kills bacteria’s cellular structure so the air will remain clean and bacteria-free.

It also has Durability features like Anti-leak detection which prompts you if there is refrigerant leak thus lowering the unit’s efficiency. It also has a Non-Auto restart feature which prevents the unit from turning back on after a power outage, preventing any power surge.

Condura’s aircon units are the perfect addition for your home because it doesn’t only help you save on electric costs, it’s also budget-friendly. For as low as Php 10,700, you can bring a Condura aircon home.

You want the best for your home and for your family so take time and consider important factors before you spend your hard-earned money on that AC. You don’t want to be stuck with a wrong aircon since you will be using these appliances for many years. Condura offers a 5-year warranty on compressor and a 2-year warranty on nonplastic parts for its air conditioners.

Just like any major home appliance, an air conditioner is an investment that you want to get right so it’s essential that you do some research on what type of aircon you need and compare similar units from there.

With its wide range of aircon units available, there’s surely a Condura aircon just for you. Purchasing a Condura aircon is also easy because it has the widest network of after-sales service and dealer store partnerships in the country. Visit: and let Condura guide you on your next aircon purchase.


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