How Often Should You Clean Your Refrigerator?

How Often Should You Clean Your Refrigerator?

Published on March 30, 2021 • 4 minutes read
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Summer is here! For those with a home-based negosyo, such as a sari-sari store, this season means more opportunities to sell ice-cold drinks. However, warmer weather also means that your refrigerator may be working harder to cool the food inside. To help your fridge cool faster, you need to keep a regular cleaning and maintenance. If you don’t know where to start, then fret not. Here is a helpful guide to refrigerator cleaning.

Maintaining a Regular Refrigerator Cleaning Schedule

Refrigerator Cleaning Tips

A refrigerator should be cleaned every 3-4 months. Since new items are being placed inside, some contents spill and the interior will begin to accumulate dirt and food residue. As a sari-sari store owner, your refrigerator is one of your most important appliances, which is why it deserves regular upkeep, cleaning, and maintenance. The first thing that you have to do is to take out all the items. You may put them inside a cooler so that they won’t spoil. Afterward, turn off and unplug the refrigerator. Remove the shelves and drawers and wash them with soap and water. You can then wipe up spills with a damp cloth with a bit of dishwashing liquid. Make sure everything is dry before plugging the fridge and turning it back on.

Other Refrigerator Cleaning Products You May Use

You can use microfiber cloth, clean rags, or an old t-shirt to wipe your refrigerator. You can also use an old toothbrush to reach all crevices and corners. If you think that dishwashing soap is too much, you can also use baking soda. Mix 1 part of baking soda with 7 parts of hot water. Stir until you can see that all of the baking soda is dissolved. You may also pour the mix into an empty squirt bottle so you can reach all corners and areas. Otherwise, You can dip your clean dish towel into a water or soda mix. You may even leave a bowl of baking soda inside the refrigerator to neutralize all odors. Aside from baking soda, you can also use white vinegar. Make sure to dilute it with an equal amount of water. Vinegar is good at taking out stains and killing bacteria. Be warned, though, that the smell may linger for a while.

Cleaning the Freezer

Don’t forget to also clean your refrigerator’s freezer. To start, defrost your fridge to clear all the ice build up. Then, turn the unit off and unplug it. Wait until the interior of the freezer is dry. However, You may also choose a no frost refrigerator. Afterward, you may then use a clean damp rag (and a cleaning agent - this can be dishwashing liquid, baking soda with water, or diluted vinegar) . If you see that there are spills and stains, you can use a spray cleaner. You may also use a deodorizer to neutralize all odors. If you want to make refrigerator cleaning easier, then you might want to invest in a good no-frost refrigerator such as the Negosyo No Frost Inverter Pro from Condura Philippines! Learn more about our wide-array of No-Frost refrigerators for business and home use through our informative video:

Cleaning the Refrigerator Exterior

Aside from cleaning your fridge, this whole refrigerator maintenance would not be complete without cleaning the refrigerator's exterior. One thing that you must not forget is to clean the refrigerator coils. A buildup of debris on the condenser coils is one of the most common causes of refrigerator problems. Also, this leads to a higher electricity bill as blocked coils cause your fridge to work harder. To clean the coils, you must first locate them. Move the fridge so you can have better access to the coils. They are usually at the back of the refrigerator unit, though some models have them at the bottom. Make sure to turn off the fridge and unplug the unit. You may then use a vacuum to clean out the dust and debris that have accumulated. Use a smaller nozzle to get to the nooks and crannies. Then, you can use a long-handled brush to scrape and brush away the more stubborn particles that are stuck on the coils. This is important as vacuuming will not take out all the dirt that has built up on the condenser coils. Do one last round of vacuuming after brushing the coils. Also, wipe the area underneath the unit before placing it back on its spot. After putting it back, take the time to check your refrigerator’s location. Make sure to place your unit in an area with a stable temperature. Fluctuations in the area’s temperature will make your fridge work harder. Check if it’s close to other appliances that emit heat, such as stoves and dryers. Also, make sure that the unit is away from direct sunlight. You should also ensure that there is enough space for air to flow between the freezer and the wall. Placing a three-inch gap is good and ensures that the warm air flows out. Otherwise, the coils may get damaged due to heat build-up.

Partnering with the Best Refrigerator for Your Negosyo

Now that you know how often you should clean your fridge and you also have a guide to cleaning your refrigerator, you should maintain a regular cleaning schedule. This helps with refrigerator maintenance, which leads to longevity and reduced electricity bills. You also have to make sure to only partner with the best for your negosyo. Condura Refrigerator Philippines will help you grow your business to greater heights. Condura aims to provide the best products to fulfill the needs of Filipinos, and Condura refrigerators and freezers come with a Real Negosyo Warranty. Dream big and partner with the company that provides service with malasakit!