Best Refrigerator Recommendations for Filipino Families
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Best Refrigerator Recommendations for Filipino Families

Published on June 10, 2021 • 6 minutes read
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A refrigerator is an essential part of the home. However, families looking to buy a refrigerator should not just opt for any model that can keep food cold. The different models mean that there is a fridge to suit every family’s specific needs. We have provided you with a guide to buying the best refrigerator for your home. We’ll provide you all the information you need to find the model that best fits your space, taste, lifestyle, and budget. Here the best refrigerator recommendations for Filipino families from Condura, the Filipino brand that caters to the unique needs of Filipinos.

Single-Door Standard Style Refrigerator for Young Couples

The single door standard is the most common refrigerator model in the Philippines. It is also the original refrigerator design that was first launched into the market. This model has only one door for both the fridge and freezer. Its usual refrigerator capacity is from 50 to 250 liters and is best for single adults, young couples, and small families (with around three to five members). A standard-style fridge has a relatively low power consumption, a small freezer, and occupies a small surface area. So, if you’re living in a condominium or studio-type apartment, this is the best refrigerator for you. However, it may not have enough compartments or shelves for large families that aim to place different food items inside. The standard-style fridge remains the most popular choice in the Philippines because it is the most affordable. Condura Ultima Standard Single Door Refrigerator is affordable, efficient, and eco-friendly. It has a modern slim body that is perfect for small spaces and Eco-Friendly Refrigerant for lower environmental impact. Watch this video to know more about Condura Ultima Standard Single Door Refrigerator features:

Single-Door Inverter Refrigerator for Small Families

An inverter refrigerator may come across as expensive, but it can actually help families save on electricity bills in the long run. These models have a compressor installed within the body, called an "inverter." These compressors can operate at different speeds depending on the needs and usage of the customer. This means that a fridge with a DC inverter can adjust its function. For example, if someone leaves the fridge door open while taking out food items, the compressor will raise its speed and work harder to still effectively cool the compartments. On another hand, if the fridge door remains closed, the inverter compressor will run much slowly to maintain the refrigerator's ideal temperature. Families can save around 20% to 30% on their electricity bills by opting for an inverter refrigerator. An inverter fridge has several more benefits. Aside from energy efficiency, the inverter compressor also runs more consistently. This model is also more durable and its compressors experience less wear and tear. Inverter refrigerators also help food items to better maintain their freshness. The temperature inside the refrigerator is more constant, leading to better storage conditions. Lastly, inverter compressors are quieter. There are no loud hums and whirs as opposed to standard models. Condura’s Home Ultima Inverter Refrigerator has the lowest energy cost in the Philippines. You don’t have to worry about high energy consumption, for this refrigerator unit can help you have an electricity cost as low as Php3.38 per day (based on Meralco Average Daily Rate (PHP 9.9468 from October - December 2020). It also features a semi-automatic defrost function for easier maintenance.

Two-Door Inverter Refrigerator for Large Families

A double-door inverter refrigerator has even more advantages than its single-door counterpart. Double door refrigerators are best for large families and have enough space for four to six family members. These models also have bigger shelves that let you store larger food items and containers inside. A 2-door refrigerator can be more cost-efficient, as the user can opt to open only one side at a time. This avoids too much cool air escaping, so that the fridge doesn’t need to work a lot harder just to maintain the internal temperature. However, these models also have their disadvantages. As they are bigger, they are also more expensive. Also, families should consider their kitchen area before opting for this model. A large space is needed for a double-door refrigerator. Otherwise, there may not be enough space for other appliances in the kitchen. If a double-door fridge is right for your home, check out the Condura Home Ultima Two-Door Inverter Refrigerator.

No Frost Refrigerator for Families with a Negosyo

Homeowners know that manually defrosting a freezer can be difficult and time-consuming. A No Frost refrigerator model immediately provides the solution. This model prevents ice build-up, making maintenance easy and hassle-free. A No Frost fridge also ensures that your food items stay fresh and retain their flavors for longer periods. In a regular freezer, ice crystals will form on frozen products, which eventually affect the food item’s taste and structure. Also, frozen food becomes more accessible as they don’t stick to the freezer’s back wall. The problem of not being able to see product labels due to ice build-up also becomes solved. Though a No Frost model may come at a higher market price, families can save more in the long run. Frost-free freezers do not experience frost damage, leading to bigger savings on maintenance and repair costs. This is also perfect for small business owners who run their own negosyo from their homes. Check out Condura’s Negosyo No Frost Inverter Pro. It features double cooling technology, which prevents the mixing of odors and flavors. It also comes with a 10-year negosyo warranty, the only refrigerator brand in the Philippines that covers a warranty for business use.

No-Frost Multi Door Inverter Refrigerator for Extended Families

Very large families will greatly benefit from a multi-door refrigerator. Often called a “French door refrigerator,” these models expertly blend both form and function, allowing homeowners to reap the benefits of a larger interior and more shelves, combined with sleek and elegant designs. French door refrigerators usually have a large fresh food compartment at the top. The compartment is divided into two side-by-side doors. The freezer is often located at the bottom. This makes it easier for families to organize their food items and save electricity by not having to open the entire fridge in one go. Condura’s No Frost Multi-Door Inverter Refrigerator combines the best features of a bottom freezer and inverter refrigerator while allowing families maximum shelving space. Families won’t have to constantly re-arrange various containers just to get a food item. This model allows for ease of use while providing maximum benefits. As a premium appliance, this model has superior cooling systems and the latest technologies to ensure that food items are perfectly preserved.

Choosing the Best Refrigerator for Your Family

Before you buy a fridge, the first step you should take is to figure out the size needed by your family. Next, know how much space you can allocate for the fridge. Lastly, opt for the one that will fit your budget. Would you need one with a cheaper initial market price, or do you want to opt for long-term savings? Once you’re ready to go shopping for your new refrigerator, make sure to check out the different products by Condura. Our line of appliances is the best choice for your home because we always treat our customers like family. Our focus on the Filipino value of malasakit and our passion for excellence fuel us to develop products that cater to the unique needs of Filipinos. We know Filipinos best, and to us, the Filipino always comes first. We call our technological innovations “Filipinnovations” because we are proud to showcase the products engineered by Filipinos specifically for the Filipino consumer. Are you ready to buy the best fridge for your family? Condura is here to help you! Check our refrigerator prices in our partner local stores around the Philippines and trusted online websites such as Shopee and Lazada. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for promos and updates!