Diskarteng Pinoy: Save More with Condura Window Type Aircon’s Energy S
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Diskarteng Pinoy: Save More with Condura Window Type Aircon’s Energy Savings Plug

Published on March 24, 2021 • 4 minutes read
Diskarteng Pinoy: Save More with Condura Window Type Aircon’s Energy Savings Plug

Electric fans are staple appliances in a Filipino household. Every Pinoy home has one and cannot live without one, but because of the intense summer season, most homes have turned to using air conditioners to fend off the summer heat. We all know that keeping the AC on for a long time translates to an increase in electric bill so how do we compromise? Do you want to sleep comfortably knowing you’ll soon wake up to mounting electricity bills or do you want to want to save up at the cost of not getting a good night’s sleep because your electric fan just couldn’t handle the heat? This is where Condura’s Energy Savings Plug (ESP) comes into play. As a trusted brand of Filipinos for over 30 years now, Condura has been providing its customers durable and long-lasting products that are energy efficient and budget friendly. Its window type air conditioning units are not only built and designed for Philippine weather, it’s also tested under harsh Philippine weather conditions so you know that it can withstand intense summer heat and typhoons the country experiences throughout a year. What is ESP? The Energy Savings Plug on Condura window type air conditioning units will allow an electric fan that is plugged to the ESP, to turn on automatically, when the aircon shuts off via the timer function. With the ESP function, you never have to worry about high electricity charges because you can automatically alternate between your aircon and electric fan. You also don’t have to wake up just to turn on the fan after your body notices the change in the room’s temperature following the aircon shutdown via the timer function. This unique Filipino feature keeps your room cool and well-ventilated thereby giving you uninterrupted sleep and the comfort you deserve not to mention lower electric costs. It’s basically the genius hack every Pinoy household needs to have. You can utilize this function with four Condura window type aircon units to choose from: For the most wais choice, the Condura 6S is the perfect for your home. It has a 12-hour mechanical off timer, 2-way air flow cooling, an easy access filter for hassle-free cleaning, and a 2-speed cooling function. It’s also budget friendly because you can have this at your home for a little over P10,000 and that’s a very good deal for a major home appliance. This is perfect if you are just starting a family or if you are a single adult living alone. If you have a bigger room then the Condura 6X has got you covered. It’s 4-way air flow cooling function for better air circulation, together with the ESP function, makes this unit a solid purchase, giving you value for your money. Consider this for your kids’ room or even for a master bedroom. Go for the Condura 6X Plus if you want a solid upgrade. It comes with the Durakote Protection, an extra layer of coating on the unit’s 5 major parts designed to protect it against harsh Philippine weather conditions. It also has a turbo function that lets the unit cool the room faster. The best part is this unit comes with a 5-year warranty on system failure due to rust on Durakote coated products, together with a 5-year warranty on compressor and a 2-year warranty on some parts. For those who prefer inverter types of ACs, the Condura Inverter Window Type Aircon or iWrac is your best bet. With its inverter technology, you are sure to get high energy savings. Partner that with the ESP and you can save more than 30% on electricity costs versus non-inverter units. Like the 6X and 6X Plus, it also has a 4-way air flow cooling, easy access filter and 24-hour electronic off timer. It also has a season energy efficient ratio of 14.2, which makes it an energy efficient companion for your home. The iWrac may come lean towards the high end of the price point, but any good appliance is an investment that will be of great use to your household for many years. No other brand has an extensive warranty on its aircon units like Condura. All its units have 5-year warranties on compressor and 2-year warranties on non-plastic parts.

In three easy steps you can have higher energy savings with Condura’s window type air conditioners: Plug your electric fan to the Energy Savings Plug Set the timer on your air conditioning unit When the timer runs out, your fun will automatically turn on and provide continuous ventilation to your room. Electric fans will never run out in Filipino households but aircons are now essential too especially during the summer season when the heat just becomes unbearable. Condura’s innovation with the ESP function is proof that the brand values the resilience Filipinos show to secure comfort without breaking the bank. It’s a very Pinoy touch and only proves that it’s a brand that is made by the Filipino for the Filipino. Condura’s window types air conditioning units are the ideal partner for the Filipino home and with the Energy Savings Plug, what could be better, right? It’s also the only AC company with 10 testing facilities in the Philippines. With its wide range of air conditioning units, there’s surely something that will cater to what you need and what you want for your home. Visit http://condura.com/ to learn more about their products and check for promos and discount offers.