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Essential Aircon Cleaning Tips Before the Summer Season Hits

Published on March 24, 2021 • 4 minutes read
Essential Aircon Cleaning Tips Before the Summer Season Hits

Essential Aircon Cleaning Tips Before the Summer Season Hits Summer is almost here. As it’s still better to stay indoors, we can’t go to the beaches or go to cooler places. Staying inside is the new cool. However, we have to make sure that our air conditioning units are optimized, efficient, and in top condition so that we can beat the heat without worrying about high energy bills. Most people wait until summer to have their AC units cleaned. Some wait until their air conditioner fails to work before calling for professional cleaning. Do not fall into this trap. To beat the heat, you have to be proactive about setting a regular maintenance schedule, especially before everybody else begins calling for maintenance services. Though you may have the best aircon in the Philippines, your unit will only work optimally when it is professionally maintained.

Why is regular aircon cleaning important? As the days go by, debris accumulates in your air conditioner unit and attaches to the internal evaporative unit. This makes it difficult for the air to flow and inhibits the air conditioner from effectively cooling the air. Debris can be made up of dirt, dust, and even strands of hair. However, other contaminants, such as mold, could also grow. Mold spores not only block airflow, but they also contaminate the air with harmful particles that lead to allergies, asthma, and other health conditions. Professional cleaning takes care of the contaminants that have built up over time. This helps the air conditioner to both efficiently cool the room’s temperature and effectively filter the air. Aircon cleaning leads to lower energy bills Maintaining a schedule for regular cleaning for your air conditioner significantly improves its cooling performance. This means that the unit will need less electricity and would also need a shorter period to achieve maximum results. When vents and drain lines get clogged, your air conditioner will work harder and use up more energy. Not to mention, the unit can also begin to drip and spew out particles of dirt. Regular cleaning is beneficial for your health As mentioned above, mold and dust can accumulate. However, fungi and bacteria can also grow at alarming rates.

When these contaminants lodge themselves inside the air conditioning unit, they get blown throughout the room every time the air conditioner is turned on. This may cause a range of respiratory illnesses. When to call for an aircon cleaning and repair professional? As a rule, schedule for professional cleaning once or twice a year, depending on how much you use your air conditioner and where your home is located. If you live near polluted areas such as highways, factories, or construction sites, you may need to have your unit cleaned more often. Aside from maintaining a regular schedule, here are three warning signs that would need immediate professional attention. The aircon filter does not function Most people can clean the aircon filter on their own. However, when the entire surface of the filter is already covered with debris, it would need professional cleaning. In some cases, the filter would need to be replaced. It’s always better to call for professional help as filters vary in size and shape. A dirty aircon filter means that the air conditioning unit won’t be able to achieve maximum airflow, which will lead to less efficiency, which equates to higher energy bills. This is also the main cause of reduced air quality, leading to health concerns. Blocked vents One way to ensure that your air conditioner works efficiently is to keep the vents clean. This is important as clogged vents prevent steady airflow from going through the air conditioning system. Though a good home remedy is to vacuum the vents, not everyone is equipped to safely clean all the parts. Call for aircon professionals to check both the exterior and the interior parts of the air conditioning unit. As with all other parts of the AC, the condenser unit is going to be at its most effective if it is clean and completely free and clear from any debris.

However, always do a visual check to see if the vents are blocked by furniture, rugs, or curtains. If objects are blocking the vents, move those objects. If you don’t, your air conditioning system will need to work double-time to cool the room. Clogged drain lines A clogged drain line leads to a dripping air conditioner. A professional will be able to check the system’s indoor cooling coil to see if the drain line is still working. The drain line leads outside of the AC unit (and usually, outside of the room). A professional cleaner will be able to use the right cleaning solution to pour inside the drain line and clean all the debris that has built up. However, you should go outside and check where the drain line leads. The end of the drain line shouldn’t be buried under dirt or grime. Also, make sure to take out the pool of liquid under the drain line. Do not wait for the peak of summer to call for professional cleaning services. Regularly check the condition of your split type aircon to reap its maximum potential. Whether you have Condura Prima or Condura Inverter 2, make sure that you get the best from your unit by ensuring maximum efficiency. When you choose Condura and our range of top-of-the-line units, you also get excellent service with a smile. We always make sure to provide you with maximum efficiency and the best cost-effectivity. You don’t need to look far for a company that brings both the best products and services. Our focus on the Filipino value of malasakit allows us to customize our services to suit your needs, and our passion for excellence ensures that we make only the best products in the country. We know Filipinos best, and we’ll help you create a home that is efficient, comfortable, and full of malasakit.