How to Plan for Your Picnic this Summer
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How to Plan for Your Picnic this Summer

Published on March 21, 2022 • 6 minutes read

Summer is finally here, but the new normal is here to stay. With restrictions gradually easing, families can now spend some quality time outside. But summer outings are not as fun without activities and delicious food. After two years in lockdown, planning a summer picnic with your family or friends might seem challenging. Still, a little research, essential ingredients, and a trusted refrigerator for proper food storage are all it takes for a memorable summer getaway.

Outdoor Activities Pinoy Families Can Enjoy this Summer

Now that vaccinated kids are allowed outside due to declining cases, increased vaccination rates, and relaxed lockdown measures, parents are looking for ways to re-introduce their children to outdoor activities. Summer is the perfect time to cut back on some screen time and enjoy what the outside world has to offer. Here are some activities you can do with your family or friends:

  • Enjoy a day at the park

Spending a day at the park is always a good idea, especially when the weather permits it. If you have younger kids, a trip to the park is a great way to expose them outside without exposing them to many people right away. The park is also a perfect place to set up a picnic where you and your family can enjoy a nice meal outdoors. Many subdivisions and neighborhoods have designated parks where residents can spend their free time. Let kids be active while at the park and prepare equipment for badminton, basketball, volleyball, or soccer games. You can also teach your kids how to fly a kite or just let them run around and enjoy the outdoors. Just don't forget to bring tons of water to keep them hydrated all the time and sunblock or insect repellants to protect their skin.

  • Head over to the poolside or beach

Summer beach getaways are a promising idea with family or friends. Many Filipinos love water activities, and a trip to a resort is long overdue, especially with the country's pristine beaches. If you are traveling with your kids, let them enjoy swimming in the pool or sea and building sandcastles. If you are going on a beach getaway with friends, playing beach volleyball is a pleasant bonding experience. Since many people are traveling to visit local pools and beaches, you must pack food for the road. Don't forget to pack essentials like sunblock, floaters for kids, and beach slippers. Also, properly cook and cool your food to avoid food spoilage.

  • Spend a day camping

If you like nature and enjoy some tranquility, hiking might be your best summer getaway. Glamping is also becoming a trend these days. Try this with your friends or family to make the most of your summer. All you need is a tent, a few camping gears, your packed food, durable rubber shoes, and your adventurous self. This is a unique family bonding experience if you have teenagers because you can teach them how to build a bonfire and keep them active through the hike. Preparing your meals for this trip is necessary, so it's best also to pack some reusable cutlery. No matter what activity you choose for the summer, it's always best to arm yourself with some sunblock to protect your skin from the harsh heat. Don't forget to bring a camera or phone with you too so you can capture the moment and have something to look back to.

The "New Normal" Picnic Do's and Don'ts

The new normal calls for every person to take preventive measures against COVID-19. Yes, it's nice that people are now allowed out after what feels like forever in lockdown, but the virus is still there. Each of us still has a responsibility to protect ourselves and prevent another outbreak. Here are some new normal dos and don’ts you should remember: Do pack your food. Plan a simple menu and prep as much of your food as you can at home. Picnic experiences are best when you must open your cooler, serve, and enjoy the meal. Pack your picnic supplies in an easy-to-carry container for convenience. Do wear your mask. Wearing face masks has become a norm for Filipinos since the pandemic broke out in 2020. Pack extra masks if you will be out longer during the day. Bring alcohol, too, especially if you are going out with kids. Children are naturally curious and tend to touch things that pique their interests. Do visit during weekdays. Summer is the peak season for tourist locations like the beach, and chances are you are not the only one planning to have a summer weekend with your family. Weekdays tend to be less crowded in many places so plan your trip accordingly to avoid traffic, lines, and stress. Don’t sneeze or cough without covering your nose and mouth. Even though you are fully vaccinated and healthy, always cover your nose or mouth with a handkerchief or tissue. Be always considerate to other park or beachgoers and practice health and safety measures. Don’t forget social distancing. Since most places are now accepting visitors, there might be a chance that these areas might go crowded. Practice social distancing and allow at least two meters distance between you and other visitors.

Easy-to-Prepare Picnic Food Ideas

Here are some easy-to-prepare summer picnic recipes that you can bring to your trip. Sandwiches. One of the easiest packed meals you can make for your family or friends is sandwiches. You have various options on how you want to prepare sandwiches, so whether you fill them with meat or greens or add an extra layer of cheese in there, it's up to you. Make sure you store ingredients in your trusted refrigerator. If you usually need to separate your frozen meat products from your other items, the Condura Ultima Inverter Two-Door Refrigerator may fit your needs. Frozen pops. If you have kids and you want to take them to the park, bringing along frozen pops or ice candy for them to enjoy is a great idea. This will help them beat the heat and enjoy some sweet treats simultaneously. You need an efficient refrigerator freezer like Condura's Home Ultima refrigerators to make frozen pops. Fruits. Simply put fresh fruits in reusable food containers and eat them as snacks while enjoying your day at the park or the beach. Put fruits in your fridge's crisper drawer before packing them to keep their freshness. One tip to keep your food fresh and safe to eat is to place a plastic container on the bottom of each picnic table leg and fill it with water. This is a foolproof way to keep ants crawl past your food. You don't want to go through all this trouble prepping food for your family, only for ants to eat them.

Best Refrigerator for Your Home this Summer

Another way to keep your family safe and protected is to avoid foodborne illness, and you need a durable and energy-efficient refrigerator for that job. The Condura Ultima Inverter Two Door Refrigerator can give you value for money. With its spacious food compartments and freezer, you don't have to worry about food storage. Thanks to the unit's inverter technology and high energy efficiency factor, it only consumes as low as Php 5.07 per day. If you have a large family or like to go on picnics and outings often, the Ultima No Frost Inverter Multi-Door or the Ultima No Frost Inverter Side By Side. Both refrigerators are equipped with an Ultrafreeze Technology feature that rapidly cools the freezer at a default temperature of -25°C while the fridge temperature setting remains unchanged. This is perfect for newly stored raw meats and fish that you will use for your family getaway. Condura's refrigerators use the R600a refrigerant, a natural refrigerant with low environmental impact and zero ozone depletion potential. You don't have to worry because Condura brings you safe, smart, and affordable food storage. Check our ideal refrigerator finder and let Condura help you choose the best refrigerator for your home.