Should You Get a Bottom Freezer Refrigerator? | Pros and Cons
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Should You Get a Bottom Freezer Refrigerator? | Pros and Cons

Published on June 09, 2021 • 5 minutes read
pros and cons of bottom freezer

Bottom freezer refrigerators, also dubbed as bottom mount freezers, are refrigerator freezer units that are usually built with a two-door feature. Unlike the top mounted fridges where the fresh food section is located below, bottom freezer refrigerators have a fresh food section on top and a freezer chamber on the bottom. What a brilliant innovation, right? But did you know, refrigerators had only one door when they originally came out? The first models did not even have built-in freezers. However, the bottom freezer style is becoming increasingly popular these days, particularly for its efficiency and cost-effectivity. Many homeowners also opt for bottom freezer refrigerators due to their large storage capacity and accessibility. Let’s delve into the pros and cons of using a bottom freezer refrigerator.

Pros of a Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Easier Access

The refrigerator becomes more accessible when the freezer is at the bottom. Most people use the fresh foods section of their refrigerators significantly more than their freezer. With the fresh food section placed at the top, bottom freezer refrigerators allow the most frequently consumed foods and beverages to be within easy reach. Frozen goods are less frequently consumed, so placing them at the bottom allows the fresh food and drink to be at eye level. Some people like putting vegetables in a higher area so that it’s easier for them to grab healthier food options. It also prevents the more nutritious food choices from spoiling, as this usually happens when they’re tucked away at the bottom. It also eliminates the need to squat just to access the veggie drawer. Bottom-mounted freezers are also popular among older individuals and those with mobility concerns, as they may find it difficult to stoop down to grab essential food items. Do you want to find more refrigerator freezer recommendations for elders and empty nesters? Check out Condura Best Refrigerator Recommendations here.

More Efficient Cooling

Bottom freezer refrigerators are more efficient than single-door standard styles. This is because the warm air rises while the cooler air goes down. Putting the coldest items at the bottom of the unit is a more logical and energy-efficient option to keep your perishables in an excellent state. Also, having the fresh food section at eye level makes finding and getting food items easier and faster. This means that the fridge door is not left open for long periods, leading to less energy consumed.

Easier to Organize

The slide-out drawers in bottom-mounted freezers make it easier to organize, store, and access frozen goods. Single-door freezers can make it difficult for frozen food to be seen, especially when there are many items in the back. The slide-out drawers of bottom freezers allow food to be accessed without digging through precariously placed objects. Bottom-mounted freezers are also typically larger than top-mounted freezers. This makes it easier to store large products such as whole chicken and even ice packs.

More Temperature Control Options

Most bottom freezer refrigerators come with more advanced temperature settings. The freezer may have different settings than other areas or compartments. This means that the pull-out drawer above the freezer may be loaded with snacks or beverages that require a different temperature than the refrigerator's major portion. This can reduce food waste and keep produce fresh for longer periods.

Better for the Environment

Since a bottom freezer fridge is more energy-efficient, it also leaves a smaller carbon footprint. Also, most models come with newer technology as opposed to standard models. This means that opting for a bottom mount freezer will help households save on electricity costs, but also help save Mother Earth.

Cons of a Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

In comparison with the numerous advantages of using a bottom freezer unit, the number of drawbacks is relatively fewer. Here are the things you need to consider before purchasing a bottom-mounted freezer:

Higher Initial Market Price

One of the most significant disadvantages of bottom freezer refrigerators is that they have a higher initial market price. This is because the technology is newer than that used in many standard refrigerators. However, bottom freezer refrigerators are more cost efficient in the long run.

Heavier Items Are Placed at the Bottom

Frozen food items are usually heavy. Since the freezer is at the bottom part of the fridge, it will take more effort to remove heavy frozen food such as whole chicken or ham. This may pose a problem for the elderly or those who have difficulty lifting heavy objects. However, this is a minor problem as it can be solved by opting for lighter cuts of meat.

The Freezer Is within Reach of Children

Another potential issue is that small children will have easy access to the freezer. They may explore and try to open the freezer. When children attempt to pick up heavy, frozen goods, they may end up dropping them, which can lead to injury. However, this can be easily resolved by adding an adjustable child lock.

Buying a Bottom Freezer Refrigerator in the Philippines

Though a bottom freezer refrigerator has some disadvantages, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. A bottom mount freezer will lead to more efficient use in the long term. It will be good for a family that opts for ease of use and long-term savings. The best way to get the most out of your appliance is to get a refrigerator that is of top quality. Looking for the best bottom refrigerator freezer? A Condura refrigerator will be your partner in making your life more efficient. You can check the Home Ultima No Frost Inverter Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, which provides the best option for energy efficiency and accessibility. It has a higher Energy Efficiency Factor, which leads to lower electricity consumption only at P5.27 cost per day! This is based on Meralco’s average daily rate. The Home Ultima No Frost also features Ultrafreeze Technology, which rapidly cools the freezer at a default temperature of -25°C, while the fridge temperature remains constant. It also has Flexifresh Zone Storage, which maximizes the storage of the crisper and chiller. Watch this video to know more about its outstanding features:

You can buy the Home Ultima No Frost Inverter Bottom Freezer Refrigerator in stores nationwide or you can also order online. There is great attention to detail with Condura products, as Condura aims to always deliver the best quality and cost-effectivity in the market. Condura aims to always provide the best products to fulfill the needs of Filipinos. A Condura refrigerator is your best choice not only because Condura offers top-of-the-line products, but also service with malasakit. What better way for a Filipino to be proudly Pinoy than to partner with a company that keeps the Filipino first, and does so with excellence and passion? Iba ang Pinoy, and Condura knows how to take care of the Filipino’s unique needs!