The Best Refrigerator for No-Fuss Work-from-Home Side Hustles

The Best Refrigerator for No-Fuss Work-from-Home Side Hustles

Published on June 07, 2021 • 5 minutes read
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Economists are now calling this period “the gig economy.” Work-from-home setups have allowed workers to pursue various side hustles. This means that Pinoys, with our entrepreneurial spirit, will think of innovative ways to keep on providing novel solutions to various challenges. Here are some ideas for side hustles you can start from the comfort of your home. We’ll also give you tips that will help you earn more while spending less.

Side Hustles You Can Start from Home

Online Sari-Sari

Who says that you need to have a physical store to run a sari-sari business? Though a sari-sari store will always be part of Pinoy culture, it has also transitioned to the digital space. Since this type of negosyo stands the test of time, it is only logical for it to set foot in the digital space. You can create a social media page to attract customers. Think about the goods that you want to sell. Plan where to source your items. If you want to sell frozen goods, get a 2-door refrigerator as it can provide you with ample shelves and compartments. Make sure to place all food items in properly labeled containers. This will allow you to separate the items that you’ll sell online from the items that you’ll personally use. Look for the best suppliers and opt for the ones that provide excellent quality for fair prices. This will optimize your workflow, reduce your expenses, and allow you to earn more.

Lutong Bahay Delivery Services

If cooking is your passion, then you can start an online lutong bahay delivery service. Bring out your grandmother’s menu and think about the recipes you want to cook. Many folks who are working from home may not have the time to prepare their meals. As they say, the work-from-home setup has led to longer working hours. This means that you already have a market. Advertise on various online platforms so you can target those who are tired of having fast food delivered. Talk with riders or delivery services so you can find cheaper options to deliver your goods. Make sure that all your ingredients, tools, and materials are of top quality. Also check if you can buy ingredients in bulk or wholesale. It is also important to find the best suppliers for your appliances. Cheap appliances may sound good for the short term, but they lead to higher electricity bills and even higher repair costs. For your side hustle to thrive, choose only the best refrigerator and freezer. Condura has a line of products with the best refrigerator prices for value here in the Philippines.

Custom-Made Frozen Treats

Summer is already here, and everybody can feel the scorching heat. Selling custom-made desserts will allow you to provide goods that quench the summer sizzle while standing out from the competition. You can create custom ice cream with strange but delightful flavors. You can also create traditional Pinoy frozen desserts, such as fruit salad, ice candy, and buko pandan, but with a twist. Add various fruits and toppings to make things interesting. If you know how to bake, then you can also offer customized cakes and pastries for various events. Create custom designs and messages for birthdays, holidays, weddings, and other occasions. Learn how to design your sweet offerings so you can create treats that no one else can replicate. The best appliance that will surely help you is a No Frost Refrigerator. Ice buildup can change the taste and texture of frozen goods. It can also make food items hard to access. A No Frost Inverter Refrigerator will allow you to be more efficient so you can focus on growing your business. Condura’s Negosyo No Frost Inverter Pro has a large freezer compartment and features double-cooling technology, which would be the best option for your home-based business. Don’t forget to post your creations on social media. This is the best way to attract new customers nowadays.

Make the Most of Your Side Hustle

refrigerator freezer tips

Make sure that you separate your products from your personal food items. As mentioned, a refrigerator with multiple layers and large compartments will be your best bet. However, here are some additional tips to ensure that your ingredients and food items are always organized.

Allocate Areas in Your Refrigerator

Allocate different spaces for your personal food items and the ones that you would use for your side hustle. Also, keep in mind that different areas of the fridge may be more optimal for different purposes. For example, the top compartment and the door shelf tend to be the warmest areas, while the middle and bottom shelves are cooler. Keep condiments on the door shelf. Place dairy products, eggs, and other spreads on the upper shelves. Cooked meat and milk products should be on the lowest shelf while fruits and vegetables should be placed in the drawer. By putting everything in its proper place, you ensure that you not only make your food items last longer, you also don’t become confused about which ones are for your business and which ones are for personal use.

Invest in Clear Containers

Take food items out of their packaging. Rummaging through plastic bags and cardboard boxes will take up your time. Remove the packaging and place your food items or ingredients in clear containers. This will help your fridge look more uniform and help you see exactly the items more easily.

Label Your Containers

The best way to organize your food items is to label them. It’s easy to forget about items hidden at the back of a shelf or under other containers. Invest in a label printer and stick labels on your clear containers.

Finding the Ideal Refrigerator for You

Now that you’re ready to begin your new side hustle, find a refrigerator that is as efficient as you: Condura. Condura freezers and refrigerators are the top choices for your new business as they come with a Real Negosyo Warranty. You can now become more confident, knowing that a Condura refrigerator is your partner in establishing your dream business. We know that you only want to provide the best for your customers. Just like you, we also strive to provide the best products and strive to fulfill the unique needs of the Pinoy consumer. Remain confident in starting your side hustle, as you can be sure that we always provide great attention to detail and that our services are always filled with malasakit. Now that you have enough business ideas, choose to partner with the company that caters to the Flipino people!