Ready, Set, Vlog: What You Need to Set Up a Cooking Vlog

Ready, Set, Vlog: What You Need to Set Up a Cooking Vlog

Published on October 06, 2020 • 5 minutes read
Ready, Set, Vlog: What You Need to Set Up a Cooking Vlog

So, you want to start a cooking vlog? Just like you, we’re just as curious about how to get started in vlogging, specifically a cooking vlog. Aside from the probable monetary benefit of vlogging, the joy of sharing something is potentially rewarding. But we wonder, what does it take to get started? Of course, starting is one thing and succeeding in it is entirely another. However, starting anything or breaking in on any project is always the most difficult. Starting is the one obstacle that is limiting you to the person you always wanted to be. Take exercising for example, it’s always hard to take the first step because beginnings can be intimidating. But on any project, there’s such a thing as a preparation phase, the part that will help you take that first step. This part will help you build the foundation for your success, such as research, planning, and preparing all the tools you needed to succeed. So, without further ado, here are some of the few thing you need to set up the foundation of your cooking vlog.

I. Setting Yourself Up for Success

Begin with a Plan

Just like most things, your vlog must have a plan, a roadmap that will guide you toward your goals. Planning or creating a roadmap enables you to visualize and decide how you want to establish a successful cooking vlog. It sets you up toward a direction you want to go.

For example, you might want to identify what kind of foods or dishes you want to create for your vlog. Do you prefer deserts, pastries, or main entrées? Do you want to focus on healthy dishes or the exact opposite? Aside from this, you must also identify the kind of audience you want to attract. Do you want to focus on Filipino audiences, young adults, or the elderly? You decide. And whichever you decide, you may want to filter out further the kind of contents you’ll produce, and choose the tone and language your vlog will use.

Tidying Up Your Kitchen/Workstation

Vlogging means having a video to document your cooking process; therefore, it’s a must to make sure your kitchen should be, somehow, a little photogenic. Now, there are successful vlogs that didn’t start with the most picture-perfect kitchen, but, at least, make sure that it’s clean and tidy. Remember, you’ll be handling food that are supposed to be eaten, you don’t want to turn off you viewers with a grimy kitchen and a cockroach cameo. Just don’t be viral for the wrong reasons.

To make sure you don’t ruin your chances, take time to clean and rearrange your kitchen, make sure that there’s enough room for all your cooking equipment, including the camera and extra lighting. Scrub and polish your space, including your walls and make sure it’s spotless. If your indoor kitchen doesn’t work for you, you can do a makeshift kitchen or workstation outside your home. Lots of cooking vlogs felt more authentic with outdoor kitchen setups.

II. Setting Up Your Workstation

Your workstation is the focal point of all your video contents, so it’s vital that you invest in good tools, equipment, and appliances to produce quality and professional work. Here are the things that should be on your workstation:

Culinary Set

Cooking won’t be complete without decent tools. To show that you are a pro in what you do and to set good example to your viewers, use the appropriate tools in slicing, cutting, and mashing your ingredients. Make sure they’re sharp or in good condition; otherwise, you need to invest on new tools. You want to show that you’re producing quality and that you know what you’re doing.

Apart from that, you should also use your own pots, pans, and baking trays. It’s better if you have a personal set intended for vlogging, so the quality won’t decline too easy.

Cooking Appliance

Food won’t cook themselves, so make sure your workstation includes a stove for starters. You want to show how you would actually use heat to transform your ingredients to something new. It would also help if you also have available oven and grillers that will help you diversify and help you level up everyday recipes.

Quality Refrigerator

It might seem strange, but having a nice dependable refrigerator in your kitchen can make a huge difference. A quality refrigerator can provide a considerable storage for all your ingredients, especially if you intend to keep them crisp and firm. If you want to keep your meat and vegetables looking fresh in front of the camera, then the stable temperature inside the fridge will protect it and keep away flies and other pests away from it. Plus, a nice fridge is a good accent on cam! You want to make your aesthetics perfect to a tee, right?

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III. Vlogging Essentials

Good Lighting

You might not have a picture-perfect kitchen or home, but sometimes, all it takes is good lighting to take your vlogging up a notch. A led light or ring light that you can buy on online stores may already do the trick, just make sure that it’ll be in a position that can cast away unwanted view-obscuring shadows. If you aren’t that confident when it comes to handling your lighting, you may ask your photographer friend to give you some professional lighting advice.

HD Camera or Mobile Phone

Now, you get to decide how you want to shoot your vlog. Do you want to use a DSLR camera or a mobile phone? Either way will do, but before choosing a shooting device, consider the platform you intend to use. If you’re set on YouTube, then a DSLR Camera will be more straightforward and versatile when it comes to memory storage and editing. If you want to start with Instagram or TikTok, a mobile camera will offer more flexibility, primarily because it’s easier to use in portrait format.

Cooking Skills

Last but not least, don’t forget your cooking skills. You might not be the best chef yet, but you’re definitely on your way to becoming one. Practice always makes perfect. Don’t just use vlogging as an opportunity to make money; use it to demand more from yourself and hone your skills. Read some content and emulate your cooking idol to make yourself better. You may also ask for feedback from your close friends so that you can improve your work.

Push yourself and start setting up your kitchen. Once you’re able to make these things readily available, all you need is to create your content and be consistent. You may set a schedule like once or twice a week, whenever you’re free. Starting anything is never easy. It takes a lot of courage and determination to take the first step, let alone vlogging where many are called, but few are chosen. But what sets apart the successful from unsuccessful ones is the consistency, patience, and willingness to learn. Yes, success in life isn’t set in stone, but so is failure. However, the truth is, failing doesn’t matter as long as you start.