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Save Your Aircon’s Longevity By Choosing the Right Aircon Modes

Published on April 21, 2023 • 5 minutes read
Save Your Aircon’s Longevity By Choosing the Right Aircon Modes

Air conditioners are, most of the time, simple to use. But newer models tend to have a lot of options that can either make your life easier or a lot harder – depending on how used to technology you are. Some aircon, especially window air conditioner units, tend to have an on-and-off switch which makes it user-friendly. But most aircon units nowadays have multiple modes, which a lot of users usually don’t even utilize. It’s quite understandable as there are so many buttons available and one does not simply always have the luxury of looking at the manual.

However, it does pay off to check that manual once in a while. Because did you know that utilizing your air conditioner modes properly can actually let you save energy, and money, and even prolong your aircon’s life? You’re probably thinking that it sounds complicated, but it’s actually quite easy to do. We listed down some of the modes you can try and utilize for maximum efficiency usage depending on your needs.


This is the mode that a lot of us are acquainted with. This mode, whether you’re using a split type aircon or window airconditioner, is usually used for a quick cool down in an otherwise hot room. It is a common misconception that air conditioners produce cool air, however, it merely takes the air inside the room and cool it down with its compressor. This is especially what happens when you choose the default ‘cool mode’ wherein the room eventually cools down, hence the name.

⚠️ The lower the temperature, the harder the compressor needs to work; thus it produces more energy which can lead to a more expensive electric bill.


If the temperature is somewhat comfortable but humidity is high, it’s advisable to use the dry mode. Although this function is similar to cool mode, it helps control air humidification which is suitable for moisture control. It can help prevent molds and dust in equipment brought by unusual humidity.

💡 Dry mode uses less energy so it lets you save more.


The fan mode operates as what its name says – a fan. It does not do anything to change the temperature of the room but it provides air circulation and in some aircon unit cases, dust removal. Since the aircon’s compressor is turned off, its power consumption is very low.

TIP! Use the fan mode after you have achieved your desired temperature from your previous mode. This way, you can save more on your energy costs.


A lot of split type airconditioner will have this mode. Eco Mode helps increase the fan speed but usually choose a comfortable cooling level with low fan to save energy. The compressor will not have to work on maximum capacity so you can still enjoy cooling comfort without breaking the bank.


Unlike eco mode, turbo mode uses the maximum power to achieve cooling quicker. This is ideal to use when the temperature is sweltering hot and you want to cool your room as fast as possible. Turbo mode works almost the same with window airconditioner and split type aircon units, using the highest cooling setting. Turbo mode is also sometimes labelled powerful, high power, and more.

TIP! Only use turbo mode for a maximum of 30 minutes to save energy. You can settle with cool mode after.


Some aircon units, including window airconditioner, have the option of sleep mode. It can also be a timer option where it automatically shuts off after a certain period of time. However, some aircon units, like the Condura window aircon inverter unit, uses a sleep mode to increase a degree higher in the first two hours while you sleep so you can have a more comfortable sleep while saving more on energy costs.

TIP! Use an energy savings plug with your aircon unit when you set up a timer so your electric fan can turn on itself while the aircon is turned off.


Like its name, you can use this mode if you want an undisturbed experience. It usually minimizes its fan speed for a noise-free cooling experience. This option does not exist for some aircon units, but if you have one, it’s a good option to use for a more comfortable and silent cooling comfort.


Auto mode regulate the room temperature automatically by adjusting the fan speed. It is a smart option where the aircon automatically adjusts the compressor to achieve the desired room temperature and maintain it. Auto mode is ideal to  use as it aims to achieve the most comfortable cooling in the room, however, it may also produce more noise because of the fan speed changes.


Some aircon units, especially split type aircon, has the option of “follow me”. What it has is a built-in sensor that signals the aircon unit to “follow” where the remote is located so it can regulate the level of cooling temperature for a cooler and more comfortable experience.


When it comes down to it, the best aircon mode is what works best for you and your needs. If you’re looking for a more long-term solution, it all depends on which type of aircon unit you would want to have. From there on, you can look at the available modes it has, of which can work best for you and your needs. For a good default mode, however, eco mode is a good way to start, as it helps you save energy and costs, without compromising the cooling comfort for all.

It also all boils down to the type of comfort you are leaning on. It’s always a great idea to let your aircon unit ease in to its usage instead of choosing turbo mode at first. This way your aircon unit’s compressor will not be shocked into using its maximum setting, which can lead to burnout when done on a regular basis.

For an easier experience, it’s a good option to invest in a smart controller wherein you can control your appliance, including your aircon, with just a click on your phone. This way, you can have complete control of when you can turn on your aircon and which mode you prefer it to be. But if you want something simpler with the aim of saving energy costs, it’s always a good idea to get an energy savings plug (ESP). You can just simply plug it into your split type aircon or your window air conditioner units, set the sleep mode or timer, and voila! You can rest assured that you can sleep comfortably knowing that your room is cool and you’re saving energy and costs with this smart feature.


You will also find that not all aircon has the same modes. Some of the mode options could be named differently, while some are only in symbols. The best way to navigate this is going through the user manual where it can explain what the buttons on the settings and remote do. Remember however, that before purchasing an aircon unit, ask information regarding the aircon modes so you will know best if that aircon unit offers modes that will work best for you.