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Diskarteng Pinoy: Your Guide to AC Products

Diskarteng Pinoy: Your Guide to AC Products

Air conditioning has become a necessity for every family in the Philippines. Considering the hot weather and extreme humidity, it’s hard to imagine surviving the heatwave without an AC.
on June 06, 2023
work from home side hustle

The Best Refrigerator for No-Fuss Work-from-Home Side Hustles

Economists are now calling this period “the gig economy.” Work-from-home setups have allowed workers to pursue various side hustles. This means that Pinoys,...
on June 07, 2021
easy microwave recipes

Quick and Easy Microwave Recipes

There comes a point where your hectic and busy schedule will leave you no room to have a decent meal. Usually, this results...
on June 03, 2021
Online shopping checklist for buyers

Online Appliance Shopping Checklist You Must Know

We have spent a lot of time indoors during the past year. A lot of people have also invested more time to improve...
on April 08, 2021
Inside Freezer Cleaning Tips

7 Refrigerator Freezer Tips and Hacks for Pinoy Homes

Do you feel the sweat trickling down your skin? Now that the season is beginning to change, most of us Pinoys are already...
on April 06, 2021
Overnight Refrigerator Cake

5 Must-Try Overnight Refrigerator Café Desserts to Try this Summer

Nobody can deny it: Summer is definitely here. During the hot months, there’s nothing better than a fresh and cold dessert that is...
on April 05, 2021