Upgrade Your Summer Business This Summer with Condura

Upgrade Your Summer Business This Summer with Condura

Published on May 28, 2021 • 4 minutes read
Upgrade Your Summer Business This Summer with Condura

The summer season brings in a lot of opportunities for business owners to expand their negosyo to generate more income and cater to more customers’ demands. For more than 30 years now, Condura has been helping Filipino small business owners build up, maintain and expand their businesses. Condura is proud to be the first brand to offer products with a warranty that covers business purposes to their negosyo partners. Condura is committed to helping you step by step when it comes to your negosyo—from financing, registration to expansion. Check out Condura Guide to Starting Your Own Business to help you make your small business a reality.

Chill for the Summer Ideas for your Negosyo

Now that summer is in full swing, selling an assortment of coolers and desserts can definitely boost your profit so upgrade to a better and bigger refrigerator that requires extra storage. If you own a sari-sari store, try expanding your inventory with summer treats such as:

  • Ice candy
  • Mango sago
  • Fruit salad
  • Classic Filipino desserts like buko pandan or leche flan

Upgrade your fridge to the Negosyo Inverter Pro Direct Cool (manual and semi-auto defrost) or the Negosyo No Frost Pro. Having an inverter ref for business use will already save you a lot on electric costs and Condura lets you maximize that energy efficiency with larger storage space and other additional features. The Negosyo Inverter Pro Direct Cool Two-Door Refrigerator (manual and semi-auto defrost) has adjustable wire shelves that let you adjust the shelves to different levels. This also ensures that bottled drinks will not fall off when you open your refrigerator freezer. It also has a bottle shelf that can fit up to 4 pieces of 1.5 liters of soda bottles aside from a bottle rack at the door side that can store up to another 4 pieces of 1.5 to 2 liters of soda bottles. This means you can store bottled drinks and still have room to place other food items that you want to sell. The Negosyo No Frost Inverter Pro, on the other hand, offers more storage space for a larger business idea expansion. It’s 8 cu. ft. and 9 cu. ft variants feature a 68-liter freezer so if you plan to sell Filipino desserts like halo-halo, sago’t gulaman or fresh fruit shakes, the freezer space is perfect for storage of ice and fresh fruits for these desserts. The unit’s Double Cooling Technology helps prevent the mixing of odors and flavors and keeps humidity at an optimum level. The No Frost Pro also has a deodorizer that eliminates bacteria that causes unwanted odors and an anti-bacterial gasket that prevents bacteria build-up in your fridge.

Expand your Business Further with Condura

For those that want to expand their carinderia or cafeteria, getting the Negosyo Chiller Pro could help you generate more income. Not only can you sell more bottled drinks, but you can also sell other cool desserts for your customers to buy. The Negosyo Chiller Pro’s 12 cu. ft. can store up to 336 soda cans. This gives you plenty of space to sell other ready-to-eat desserts like coffee jelly, fruit salad, leche flan, or ube halaya. Of course, it helps that you invite your customers to try your new offerings. You can also have promotions to market your new products. Equipped with LED lighting, this beverage chiller has an anti-moist on the glass door that prevents frequent wiping. It also features an auto-defrost system for hassle-free maintenance and cleaning. Milk tea, Coffee shops, and sari-sari stores that sell bottled/canned drinks will also benefit from the Negosyo Chiller Pro for their chilled and ready-to-drink offerings, perfect for people on the go and especially since dine-in options are very limited right now given restrictions amid the pandemic. If you want to expand your convenience store or mini grocery business, upgrade with Condura’s Chest Freezer Inverter Pro. It comes in 5 sizes, so you have several choices depending on your expansion needs.

Widen your Inventory

If you want to expand your inventory from frozen meat and ice cream, try selling frozen and raw fish balls, kikiam, or French fries which are among the staple merienda in a Filipino household. The Chest Freezer Inverter Pro features a fast-freezing mode at -29°C or lower which transforms liquids in the food into micro-crystals, leaving tissues of the food undamaged. With this, the product will not have weight or colorless and retain its flavor and textures, upon thawing. It’s also equipped with a four-wheel roller for easy mobility and since it’s summer, market those ice cream and by placing your chest freezer at the entrance of your store or beside the counter to market those summer coolers well. For a solid upgrade and better organization of frozen goods, go with the Negosyo Upright Freezer Inverter Pro. This is ideal if you are expanding your store and your inventory and you need a freezer that has deeper and with 6- to 7 shelves so you can store more food items. You can also use this upright freezer if you will be expanding into selling ice or fresh meat. This upright freezer, like the other Negosyo Pro refrigerators and chest freezer, utilizes inverter technology that is capable of reducing energy consumption which means big benefits on your monthly energy savings and electric bills. With the Negosyo Inverter Technology, you don’t need to worry about your electric bills skyrocketing by keeping your ref, chest freezer, or upright freezer on all day and night. This also preserves the freshness of the food items and does not affect their flavor. As part of Condura’s commitment to the Filipinos, it’s very easy to book a service with them in case there are issues with your Condura appliance. Book a service and fill out the necessary details required. After submitting your request, a Condura representative will be in touch with you to address your concern and schedule an appointment for repair or replacement. Just always make sure to keep your warranty card handy.