Double-Cooling Technology: Solving Refrigerator’s Odor Issues

Picture this: You have just launched your new food business. You’ve carefully studied the recipes. You have meticulously sourced your ingredients. You have marketed your products. You’ve prepared your food products with diligence and passion. You send them out to your customers.

Feedback comes, and your customers tell you that the food smells and tastes strange. You go back to your recipes and check if you missed anything. However, the problem is not related to your food preparation. The problem may lie in the type of refrigerator that you use.

Many types of Filipino dishes and desserts are very flavorful. However, this also means that many of them have a strong odor. When these are stored in the refrigerator, their smell might mix with other food items. The odor may also linger inside the fridge. When this happens, the food that you place inside will have a strange smell and taste. This situation is not good for any type of food business.

Worry no more! Condura refrigerators got you! Here comes the magic of double-cooling technology. A double-cooling refrigerator provides a solution to minimizing odors.

How Double-Cooling Technology Works

Double Cooling Technology

Double-cooling technology controls the refrigerator and freezer independently. It has two separate evaporators and a more precise electronic control. This not only helps maintain the desired temperature in the refrigerator and freezer but also prevents the smell of different food items from mixing with one another.

In short, one compressor connects to two separate evaporator systems. One is a closed system for cooling the refrigerator, while a different closed system is used for the freezer.

This technology is different from the usual refrigeration technology. And though double-cooling technology isn’t new, it has now become more affordable.

Benefits of a Double-Cooling Refrigerator

benefits of double-cooling technology

1. It prevents odor transfer

In a conventional single-cooling system, the air travels from the refrigerator to the freezer, and then back again. For example, if you have adobo, bagoong, raw fish, or any food item that has a strong odor inside the fridge, the smell may transfer to the items stored in the freezer. Some people think that the freezer compartment is airtight, but this is not true. Some odors can even permeate food packaging.

2. It maintains ideal humidity

A double-cooling fridge has a better capacity to maintain the ideal humidity for fresh goods. Ideal humidity levels for refrigerators are around 70%. For freezers, as little humidity as possible is recommended.

Having higher humidity levels in the refrigerator will keep your vegetables and other types of food at its best condition for a longer period of time. On the other hand, having little to no humidity in the freezer prevents frost and ice formation.

The double-cooling technology ensures that the air in the refrigerator does not travel to the freezer. This maintains a low humidity level for the freezer while keeping the humidity within the refrigerator compartment. The technology also has separate evaporators, allowing each area to function more effectively.

3. It saves more energy

The compressors used by double-cooling refrigerators are more efficient. Double-cooling technology allows a compressor to cool only one section that needs cooling. For example, if you rarely open the freezer but often open the fridge door, then the freezer still maintains its internal temperature. This leads your unit to work more efficiently.

In short, the right amount of cool air is always within each compartment, and the temperature of these sections are independent of each other. Certain units have temperature sensors that can detect which compartment needs cooling. This enables the refrigerator and freezer to use electricity only when their respective compartments need additional cooling.

However, make sure that you always maintain and check your appliance so that it always functions optimally. One way to do so is to defrost regularly. Depending on your freezer type, you may need to do a manual defrost to take care of frost build-up. To do this, you need to take out all of the food inside the freezer. Turn off the thermostat and unplug the unit. Wait for all the ice to melt. You can also use an electric fan to speed up this process.

However, the best option is to go for a no-frost refrigerator.

If you want the convenience of a no-frost double-cooling refrigerator for your home or business, then the Condura Negosyo No Frost Inverter Pro is the perfect choice. You will reduce the hassle of manual defrosting, and you’ll also get the benefits of a double-cooling refrigerator.

The Condura No Frost inverter refrigerator is also available in a variety of sizes. Whatever type of space you have, there is a Condura No-Frost refrigerator for you!

You must also know that aside from the 10-year compressor warranty, a Condura No Frost inverter refrigerator also comes with a three-year Inverter Board warranty. We at Condura want to make sure that you and your family will enjoy the fresh food that you prepare for them, for a long period of time.

If you run a business, you have to make sure that you get the best refrigerator and freezer in the Philippines as your partner. There may be different prices of refrigerators and freezers in the market, but you should opt for one that will help your business grow and will provide the most cost-effective long-term solutions. Continue to remain driven as you grow your business, and make sure to partner with the best: Condura. Condura freezers and refrigerators are the only ones valid for negosyo use, with a Real Negosyo Warranty.

A Condura refrigerator is your best choice not only because Condura offers top-of-the-line products, but also service with malasakit. What better way for a Filipino to be proudly Pinoy than to partner with a company that keeps the Filipino first, and does so with excellence and passion? Iba ang Pinoy, and Condura knows how to take care of the Filipino’s unique needs!
With Condura, you will proudly and confidently say, “Iba ang Pinoy!”




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