Quick and Easy Microwave Recipes

easy microwave recipes

There comes a point where your hectic and busy schedule will leave you no room to have a decent meal. Usually, this results in ordering in or going the unhealthy but very tempting route of fast food or worse, calling instant ramen a satisfying meal. Microwave ovens have now become a staple kitchen appliance because Pinoys use them to reheat leftovers and craft easy and quick meals.

The good news is that you don’t need a lot of time and effort to make yourself a balanced and healthy meal. A few ingredients and a trusted microwave oven can actually get you pretty far in terms of having a full and nutritious meal.

As a trusted brand of Filipino homes for more than 30 years, Condura has introduced its new microwave oven that will surely be a great addition to your kitchen. With Condura, you can cook, reheat and defrost food in no time.

Preparing your meals even when you’re stretched with tasks doesn’t have to consume so much time and money. Most recipes are easy to follow and you won’t need to do a lot of prep work before being able to eat your creation. Here are a few easy and quick microwave meal recipes that you can have for breakfast, lunch, or dinner:

Mac and cheese

mac and cheese microwave recipe

Ingredients: ½ cup elbow macaroni, ½ cup water, 3 tbsp milk, ¼ cup shredded cheddar cheese, salt, and pepper.

Prep: Probably one of the basic microwave meal recipes to make. All you have to do is mix the macaroni, water, and salt in a microwavable bowl or mug for 2 to 3 minutes then stir well. Add the milk, cheese plus salt and pepper then stir. Pop in the microwave for another 30 seconds to 1 minute and stir. Top it with a garnish of your choice like a sprinkle of chives or more cheese and dig in.

Chicken Quesadilla

quesadilla microwave recipe

Ingredients: 2 medium flour tortillas, ½ cup boiled chicken strips, ½ diced bell pepper, 1 tbsp taco seasoning, and ½ cup shredded cheese.

Prep: A meal that’s good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. First, you need to microwave the tortillas for 1 to 2 minutes depending on how crunchy you want them to be. Mix the chicken, bell peppers, and taco seasoning in a bowl then microwave for 1 to 2 minutes until the diced bell peppers are soft.

Spread the mixture evenly on one tortilla, cover it evenly with cheese then top with the other tortilla. Pop in the microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute and enjoy.

Omelet in a mug

omelet microwave recipe

Ingredients: 2 eggs, ½ diced bell pepper, ¼ cup spinach plus a pinch of salt and pepper to taste.

Prep: Combine all ingredients in a microwavable mug and mix until well combined. You can also throw in some leftover bacon for some flavor. Heat in the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes in 1-minute bursts. Make sure the egg doesn’t bubble over so stir well after every 1 minute and you have yourself a quick fix.

Poached eggs

poached egg microwave recipe

Ingredients: 1 egg, ½ cup room temperature water, salt, pepper.

Prep: Eggs are one of the healthiest and cheapest foods you can eat. To poach eggs via a microwave oven, crack the egg in a mug with ½ cup water, microwave on high power setting for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Let the egg sit in the mug for 1 minute so egg whites can firm up.

Drain the egg from the mug using a spoon or fork. Season with some ground pepper and place on top of your French toast, salad, or roasted vegetables and you’re good to go.

Bonus microwave snack recipe

Potato chips

Ingredients: 2 medium-sized potatoes, 3 tbsp olive oil, ice water, salt.

Prep: Instead of opening a bag of chips, go with this easy and simple recipe of fresh potato chips. Rinse potatoes and peel off the skin if desired. If you want to keep the skin, make sure you rinsed it thoroughly. Thinly slice the potatoes, the thinner the better.

Place the sliced potatoes in a bowl of ice water to remove the starch and create crispy chips. Dry the potato slices on a paper towel and line a microwavable plate with parchment paper. Lay the potato slices out so they aren’t touching and brush them with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Microwave on high power setting for 1 to 3 minutes on one side and another 1 to 2 minutes on the other side until golden brown. Sprinkle it with salt anew and enjoy your snack.

Dark chocolate dip

Ingredients: dark chocolate bar, fresh strawberries or bananas

Prep: If your sweet tooth is looking to be satisfied then melt a dark chocolate bar in a microwavable bowl for 1 minute or until the chocolate is completely melted. Let it cool for a while and dip your strawberry or bananas in your melted chocolate dip.

So whether you are loaded with tasks and deadlines or are in for back-to-back Zoom meetings and find yourself short on mealtime, turn to one of these microwave meal recipes to curb your hunger and fuel your body with nutritious food.

Most of these meals will take you less than 10 minutes to prepare so there’s no reason to resort to ordering fast food to get your quick fix. You can even experiment and make your recipe if you’re feeling adventurous.

The Newest Microwave Oven from Condura Philippines

Condura microwave oven

Condura’s microwave oven is the perfect appliance for your quick and healthy meal prep journey. Condura offers the 20-liter mechanical microwave oven and the 20-liter digital microwave oven.

The Mechanical Microwave Oven features 5 power levels and a 35-minute timer, while the Digital Microwave Oven has 10 power levels, a 99-minute timer, 6 automatic menus, and a child lock feature. Both units have defrost functions perfect for thawing frozen meat or cold food. In addition, the sleek mirror finish of the appliance will go well with any kitchen style.

At a reasonable price of not over Php4,800, you can bring home the Condura Mechanical Microwave Oven or the Condura Digital Microwave Oven. No matter what Condura microwave oven you choose to buy, you can definitely maintain a healthy diet with an efficient and budget-friendly microwave oven.

Most importantly, Condura’s Microwave Ovens come with a 2-year warranty on system parts and labor. Shop now at You can also buy at our partner online stores.




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