The Reasons Your Fridge Doesn’t Have Light

You have a pint of ice cream in your freezer that you’ve been saving since yesterday. It’s the perfect food to indulge in as you binge-watch your favorite TV series on a Friday night. You open the freezer door to get it, and to your surprise, the light is not working! What could be the reason?

A non-working light in your freezer doesn’t really affect how it operates, but it can be an inconvenience, as it would be difficult to see the contents of your freezer. Find out the possible reasons the light in your freezer is not turning on. Note that not all freezers have light, but the discussion below could also apply to the light of your refrigerator.

Why There Is No Light in Your Freezer

  1. The light bulb is broken.

The light bulb inside the ref usually lasts long, but for one reason or another, it can get broken. You can visually check if the bulb is the issue. If there is a broken filament inside, then you have a fused bulb. Fortunately, it is easy to replace. Just twist it out of its socket and install a compatible replacement. If it still doesn’t work, then there may be another issue causing it.

  1. The light bulb socket gets no power.

Using a voltage tester, you can check if power gets to the light bulb socket. If there is no voltage, then you have found the possible root of the problem.

  1. The light switch is broken.

Depending on your ref model, there is a push button that looks like a switch near the hinge of your ref door. It gets pressed and unpressed as you close and open the ref door. This is what triggers the turning on and off of the light. An obstruction may be blocking it, causing it to remain pressed when you open the ref door. It is also possible that it is damaged and needs repair.

  1. The circuit board is defective.

Again, depending on your ref model, it may have a circuit board that connects to the parts we have mentioned so far. If parts of this circuit board are broken, then it will not bring light to the bulb.

How do I fix my freezer light?

Fixing your freezer light is quite simple if the problem only involves the bulb. You just have to make sure that the replacement has the recommended wattage. You can bring the defective bulb to a store and ask for something similar. However, if solving the problem requires opening up parts of your ref, it is best to leave it to a refrigerator technician for proper refrigerator maintenance and repair. Aside from possibly causing more damage to your unit, you can also hurt yourself if the repair is not done properly.

Calling for Professional Help

If your refrigerator or freezer is still under warranty, then you are safe as they can easily fix the issue with your ref lights. Aside from offering great products, Condura has a “Book a Service” page on their website that allows you to book an appointment with a refrigerator technician in three easy steps: 

(1) Provide details about your unit and the service you need, 

(2) Give your contact details and location, and 

(3) Set a date for the service. 

This is a great value-added service from Condura in the unlikely event of chiller and freezer repair. Because Condura has durable products, you will most likely call them only for ref and freezer maintenance services.

Avoid problems with your freezer by getting Condura products. Here are our recommendations.

Condura has Negosyo Inverter Upright Freezer Pro with an inverter compressor and roll bond technology that can give you up to 60% more savings. Built with businessmen in mind, it has deeper shelves to store more food items. This allows for a bigger inventory and higher sales for you. This unit comes with 10 years warranty on the compressor and 3 years warranty on system parts and labor. If your light gets broken, then you don’t have to worry about it not getting replaced.

Another great product from Condura is the Ultima No Frost Bottom Freezer. This has the biggest freezer size among 9 cu.ft. bottom freezers, as they can house up to 84 liters of food items. Despite its large capacity, this no-frost refrigerator consumes less electricity thanks to its high energy efficiency factor. It costs as low as only Php6 per day based on Meralco Average Daily Rate (PHP 9.9468) from October-December (CBF-254i Model). The Ultima No Frost Bottom Freezer also utilizes Ultrafreeze Technology to maintain the nutrients of your newly stored meat and fish. This unit is also made with glass to exude class. The CBF-254i model has a jet black glass finish, a first of its kind for 9 cu.ft. bottom freezers in the Philippines. It can complement any type of kitchen style because it has scratch-resistant glass doors that are easy to clean.

Another Condura product we recommend is the Negosyo Inverter Pro Two Door Refrigerator. Its inverter compressor allows you to enjoy savings on electricity and 2x faster freezing. Its aluminum freezer provides an even and more efficient cooling performance from the 4 sides of the freezer. It also maintains the cold temperature thanks to its Aluminum Roll Bond Freezer.

Being a Filipino brand, Condura knows the Filipinos’ unique needs. That’s why it provides top-notch home solutions for Filipino families. If you want to know more about freezer prices in the Philippines and our products and services, you can check our website. Once you are ready, you can buy directly from our online stores (Condura e-store, Lazada Flagship Store, and Shopee Mall) or from our dealer partners’ online stores and physical stores.




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