No Frost Refrigerators Guide

No Frost Refrigerator Features

Many people looking for a refrigerator for their home or business would most often have a list of features they want before heading out to the appliance center or checking out an online store. Price, capacity, and maybe color are some of the things on their checklist. A good option they should also consider is a no frost refrigerator, which requires no manual defrosting because it prevents the buildup of ice. However, not all no frost refrigerators are the same.

Ideal No Frost Refrigerator Features

When shopping for a no frost ref, here are the ideal features we recommend that it has for a solid purchase:

Ideal N Frost Refrigerator Features

1) Storage space

The bigger the space inside the ref, the more items you can put. This is great for businesses that need to store as many inventories as possible to ensure enough supply for their customers. Aside from space, you must also consider the number of racks and shelves for better organization of items.

Condura Negosyo No-Frost Inverter Pro Refrigerator has a huge freezer space that could store up to 14* (68L) ice cream tubs (for 8-9 cu. Ft model). This is perfect for sari-sari store owners and food and beverage sellers.

2) Energy efficiency

No one wants to pay a high electricity bill, so find a ref with a good Energy Efficiency Factor or EFF. EEF is a numerical value that serves as a guide for buyers looking for ref and other appliances. It is written on a piece of yellow paper, which is posted on the display unit of an appliance. Just remember that the higher the EEF, the less electricity it consumes. Condura Prima No-Frost Inverter Refrigerator CNF-252i has 8.8 cubic feet two-door ref with EEF of 344. This Energy Efficiency Factor is higher than other similar refrigerator brands in the market. Also, since it has a higher EEF, users can save up to just P7.56 a day. This refrigerator is a good investment for its energy efficiency.

3) Double cooling technology

A ref with double cooling technology has 2 separate temperature control systems for the freezer and the fridge section. This is a great feature for businesses because it prevents odors and flavors of different food items from mixing. You don’t have to worry about the fruits in the fridge smelling or tasting like the longganisa in your freezer, just to set an example. Some brands have this technology only for their units 10 cubic feet and above, but one brand has it in its 7, 8, 9, and 13 cubic feet models.

Know more about the wonders of Double-Cooling Technology here.

4) Active Freezer Odor Filter

Since many businesses that use refrigerators and freezers involve food, having food odor problems has been a usual situation. Fortunately, there are refrigerators such as Negosyo No-Frost Inverter Pro Refrigerator that has an Active Freezer Odor Filter, which uses Photo Catalyst Carbon Filter to deactivate unwanted odors that can affect food items.

5) Warranty

Not all brands offer the same warranty. For example, two brands may both offer 10 years warranty on the compressor and a 1-year warranty on parts and service. However, Condura provides 3 years warranty on the inverter board, apart from the 10 years compressor warranty. The inverter board costs around P3,000 excluding installation, so just imagine the hassle if it breaks a year after you purchase your unit. Go with the brand with the longer warranty period.

Find the Ideal No Frost Refrigerator for You

Finding your first no frost ref be it for your home or business use will be a breeze if you keep in mind the features we suggested above.




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