Kitchen Must-Haves for People Who Live Alone

Kitchen must haves

Many people nowadays, particularly millennials, are venturing into the trend of solo living. It’s challenging to live on your own, given the rising costs of rent and other living expenses. However, it feels liberating to have a space of your own where you can find privacy and independence. Having your own space also gives you the privilege to find solace and disconnect. Nothing beats a slow weekend morning and doing every chore at your pace.

Since the pandemic has pushed for a work-from-home setup, some people opted to find a place of their own so they can focus on work. However, having your own space means you must manage your expenses and one way to save up on costs is to have durable and energy-efficient home appliances. Learn more solo-living tips from your best partner, Condura refrigerator and small home appliances.

Essential Housekeeping Tips for Solo Living

Living alone in the Philippines is costly, especially within Metro Manila. According to a study, “a single person estimated monthly costs are Php 28,688.41 without rent.” Rent is continuously rising, and you might have to share a small space with more than one person if you want to save money. Many millennials rent an apartment or condominium unit near their place of work, so they don’t have to commute to work, especially now that companies are mandating employees back to the office since COVID-19 restrictions have eased up. 

If you want to maintain your place, you have to be responsible for housekeeping. Establishing daily or weekly routines on keeping your home spotless is a great way to gain independence. Here are some basic housekeeping tips you might find helpful:

  • Clean your place regularly 

This goes without saying that your room or your place reflects your character. That’s why you must organize your place and maintain its cleanliness. Do a general cleaning once a week, preferably on weekends or holidays and do an inventory of your stocks. Typically, people living alone rent or buy a studio-type condominium unit or a small apartment, and these units have little space to offer, so you must not buy items and appliances that you don’t need. Just stick to the necessities and you will thrive in the solo living department. 

  • Stock up on essentials

One of the lessons we have learned throughout the pandemic is to stock up on the essentials. This way, you don’t have to spend more time outside and be exposed to large crowds. Aside from safety, buying in bulk can also help us save some money since many items are usually cheaper in this scale. Stocking up on toiletries and canned goods is definitely a wais move for every person who lives alone. 

  • Invest in durable home appliances 

If you want to save more eventually, invest in efficient and long-lasting appliances. Condura’s small home appliances are perfect for your solo living needs. From refrigerators, water dispensers, microwaves, coffee makers, and rice cookers, Condura has everything your place might need. 

A lot of people go home to their parents in nearby provinces during the weekends because from time to time, we do want company, and there’s still no place like home. Filipino moms love to pack baon for their children, and some moms tend to pack a week’s worth of food. To keep those home-cooked meals fresh, you need a durable refrigerator and microwave like Condura. 

If you like to cook but a gas range cooker seems too big for your space; go with the Condura Induction Cooker. It’s portable with high-temperature protection and a 5-level temperature setting. You can also go with the Condura All-In-One Multicooker. This space-saving appliance has two pot covers for air frying and pressure cooking and is perfect if you want to try out new air fry recipes. 

Condura’s Bean to Cup Coffee Maker might suit you if you are a coffee lover. Spend your nights watching k-dramas and cooking samgyupsal with the Condura Griller and Griddle Pan

Kitchen Essentials for Solo Living

Kitchen must haves list

Whether you have a small kitchen space in your place, if you have these essentials, you are thriving in living on your own. 

  • Refrigerator

One essential appliance is a refrigerator. No matter how small, every home has one because proper food storage is important. For people living alone, a personal refrigerator will suit their needs better because you only need to stock up for one person. There are many refrigerator models and sizes in the Philippines, but the Condura Prima Standard Refrigerator is perfect for your space. The unit comes in 3 sizes that are spacious enough for your favorite drinks, meals, and snacks. It even has a chiller compartment. With its sleek black glass finish, this will fit any type of home of one or even empty nesters. 

  • Microwave

For those who are always on the go, a microwave is a necessity in your place. Condura’s Digital Microwave Oven is perfect for reheating prepped meals and leftovers. You can even go with the Condura 2-in-1 Microwave Oven, which has a turntable and grill rack. This is perfect if you like to order in and want to reheat food from time to time. Check our partner online and dealer stores for microwave oven prices and features.

  • Rice Cooker

It’s not a satisfying meal without some freshly cooked rice. If you love rice but are watching your weight, then Condura’s Low-Carb Rice Cooker might interest you. This space-saving appliance cuts 30% less carb in your rice, so you can’t be guilty of having one more cup. 

  • Water Dispenser

Aside from food, one of our necessities is a clean water source. Buying distilled water from convenience stores could add up to a large cost in the long run. So, it’s best to save up for a water dispenser which you could use for a long time. You can check Condura Bottom Load Water Dispenser price if you need a durable yet affordable option.

  • Food containers

Let’s face it, you aren’t Filipino if you don’t have a handful of food containers in your place. Microwaveable food containers are great for reheating your leftovers. You can also put them in your fridge for storage. The best thing is that they don’t take up so much space. 

Condura: Your One-Stop Appliance Shop in the Philippines

Living on your own, especially for the first time, can be overwhelming and challenging. However, it’s equally empowering because you will discover more about yourself, grow a sense of independence, and learn how to manage your time and budget. Condura’s small home appliances make your kitchen and home living more manageable and better because “Iba ang Pinoy” and Condura knows the unique needs of Filipinos. 

A brand made by Filipinos for the Filipinos. Condura small home appliances and refrigerators in the Philippines continue to be the brand of choice by many, thanks to its durability and affordability. For over 30 years, Condura has been providing the best products to fulfill the needs of Filipinos. 

Condura’s small home appliances are also exclusively available online, so you can conveniently order from the comfort of your home. Browse Condura’s small domestic appliances or you can shop through their partner stores LazMall and Shopee Mall for deals. 




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