Manual Refrigerators: Direct Cool Fridge Features for You

Manual Refrigerators Direct Cool Fridge

Food safety is important in every family or business, and one way to ensure that the food you serve is always fresh is to have a reliable refrigerator for food storage. Different types of refrigerators are available in the market today, but one type common in Filipino households and businesses is direct cool or manual defrost refrigerators.

Direct cool refrigerators are a traditional ref type that uses a natural process of cooling the air that circulates inside it. Some people prefer more modern types of refrigerators, but a direct cool ref should not be easily dismissed for its various advantages. Read on to discover the benefits of manual refrigerators and the features to look for in your next purchase.

Advantages of Manual Defrost Refrigerators

A major advantage of direct cool ref is its price. It is more affordable than a “no frost” or “automatic defrost” unit of the same capacity. This makes direct cool ref ideal for small families on a budget and cannot shell out a huge amount of money in one purchase. It can also be economical in the long run as long as you maintain it properly by regularly defrosting and maintaining it. For more maintenance tips, read: 5 Essential Freezer Maintenance Tips

Another advantage is since a direct cool ref requires manual defrosting, it may be beneficial for business owners on some occasions. In instances of power interruptions, the frost buildup may actually serve as a “buffer” for the food to remain fresh or cold until the power gets back to normal. Thus, you don’t have to worry about serving spoiled food or warm drinks to your customers. In the Philippines, we are quite familiar with unannounced “brownouts,” so these scenarios are not far-fetched.

However, not all direct cool refrigerators are built the same, so if you are in the market for one, be sure to find one with great features. Whether for your home or business, here are the things you need to look for in a direct cool or manual defrost ref.

Ideal Manual Refrigerator Features

Manual Refrigerator Features


The larger the space a refrigerator has, the more food you can put inside. This means more inventory items and more sales if you are running a business. For home users, it means more food for you to keep in case of another long community quarantine, and going out to buy essentials is limited. Aside from the size of the ref in cubic feet, also inspect the insides for the spaces between shelves and the number of racks on the side. You would naturally want bigger spaces between racks so you can store large food containers. Meanwhile, having more racks allows you to organize your items inside your ref better–bottled soft drinks go to the bottom-most rack, while other items like your favorite spreads, eggs, or even your medications that need to be kept can be placed at the top racks.

Energy Efficiency

Energy consumption is a common concern when buying a direct cool refrigerator. You can check the energy efficiency of a refrigerator or other appliances through its energy efficiency factor or EEF. EEF is a numerical value written on yellow paper posted on the products displayed in stores. Just remember that the higher the EEF, the less power it consumes. For comparison, let’s say there are two refrigerators of almost the same size from two different manufacturers. One has an EEF of 473 while the other has only 402. Based on the average electricity rate, the one with the EEF of 473 would cost only P3.98 per day, while the other would cost 4.38.* That’s a 10% difference. For businesses, every peso counts, so between the two, the better choice is obvious.

*Based on average Meralco rate from October to December at P9.946Kwh/24H.

Durability and Warranty

No one wants to wake up to a leaking refrigerator or have their refrigerator give up in the middle of a busy business day. So, when buying your ref, make sure that it is durable. Also, it is important to check the brand’s warranty to easily fix the refrigerator when a problem arises. Aside from the warranty on the compressor, also check for the warranty on parts. Some brands even offer 3 months replacement for plastic parts. To ensure quality and after-sales support, go with trusted brands that have been offering refrigerators in the Philippines for a long time.

And speaking of trusted refrigerator brands in the Philippines, search no more for Condura is here to offer you durable yet affordable refrigerators for home and business use. Here are some recommendations for you:

  1. Negosyo Inverter Pro – 2 Door Refrigerator
  2. Prima Inverter Refrigerator
  3. Ultima Inverter – 2 Door Refrigerator
  4. Ultima Standard Refrigerator

Direct cool refrigerators are best for first-time and budget-tight buyers because of their affordability and other benefits. When you head out to the nearest appliance store or check out stores online, be sure to keep in mind the factors mentioned above.




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