Microwave Oven Tips: Care for Your New Condura Microwave Oven

microwave cleaning

Like any other appliance in your home, microwave ovens require proper care and maintenance for them to function well and efficiently. More importantly, ample maintenance can prevent interior damages, making your microwave oven last for years.

More importantly, keeping your microwave oven clean is very essential for food safety and sanitation. Condura’s latest line of microwave ovens offers consumers ease of maintenance with its easy-to-clean interior and of course, its practical functionality.

The Condura 20-liter Mechanical Microwave Oven features a mechanical control knob with 5 power levels, a 35-minute timer and a defrost function. If you prefer a product that is packed with even more features, the Condura 20-liter Digital Microwave Oven is perfect for you. Equipped with a digital touch panel, you can easily select the function you wish to use. It has 10 power levels that allow you to customize your cooking setting, 6 automatic menus for perfect cooking, a 99-minute timer and a defrost function. Plus, this unit has a child lock feature so you wouldn’t need to worry about kids playing around with the appliance.

Both units have that elegant mirror finish for that sleek design that will complement any kitchen style.

Microwave Oven Care Tips

In keeping your microwave oven in tiptop shape, here are a few tips you should take note of:

  • Don’t operate your microwave empty

Running your microwave on empty can damage your unit for there’s no food or liquid to absorb the microwave energy being emitted. The unit’s components are not designed to withstand such exposure and this could potentially damage your unit; leaving you great cost for repair or replacement.

  • Be mindful of your microwave oven’s placement

Microwave ovens are usually placed above countertops in kitchens and it’s important to make sure that it’s positioned to allow air to circulate freely around it. It’s not advisable to crowd your small kitchen appliances together. Carefully measure the space where your appliance will sit and look for a model that is appropriately sized for your area.

Place your microwave oven where the electrical socket is within easy reach of the wire. Avoid excessively pulling the wire when the microwave oven is in use. Do not place your microwave oven close to your gas range or kitchen sink. Keeping it close to heat may interfere with its heat dissipation functions, while keeping it close near a source of water may run the risk of shorting or electrical hazard.

  • Use the proper dishware

Probably one of the most important things one should remember when using a microwave oven is to use the appropriate dishware when heating. Using microwave-safe dishware ensures the correct amount of microwave energy hits your food and won’t damage either your food or the appliance itself.

Plates, bowls, or mugs that are not microwave-safe can cause fires or explosions. Never microwave food in aluminum foil wrapping, metal utensils, and dishware with silver or gold accents. Most kitchenwares now indicate whether it’s microwave-safe so please be mindful of this before you start heating something.

  • Clean microwave oven after every use

Make it a habit to wipe your microwave oven clean after every use. Wait for your microwave oven to completely cool down and unplug it from the socket then wipe the inside of your unit with a damp cloth to remove any splatters and prevent them from solidifying on the interiors. After-use cleaning will also ensure that germs won’t grow from left splatters.

If you don’t use your microwave oven regularly, make sure to keep it clean to maintain its optimal state. Make sure you let your microwave oven dry up completely before closing its door or using it once again.

Do not forget to clean the turntable, the exteriors and clean underneath your microwave too to ensure sanitation.

  • Do not use abrasive cleaners

Some cleaners are too harsh for some appliances that it causes scratches to its finish. You can use a dishwashing liquid and dilute it with water and wipe your microwave oven and turntable. Wipe it clean once again with a damp cloth.

You can also use a vinegar solution to clean your microwave oven. In a microwave-safe bowl or measuring cup, use equal parts warm water and white vinegar then heat the solution for 5 to 10 minutes in your microwave.

Take the vinegar solution out and wipe the insides of your unit with a cloth or a paper towel. The steam from the water and vinegar solution will have loosened up any splatter and spills so you won’t have to scrub anymore.

While microwave ovens may be a low-maintenance kitchen appliance, it doesn’t mean that you can brush aside its care. Avoid putting things on top of your microwave like cookbooks or other spices to have sufficient airflow. Your microwave oven is an appliance, not an extra kitchen shelf. Despite having flat surfaces, microwave ovens have vents on top and these usually get hot when in use so it’s best to not block these vents to maintain your appliance in the best shape.

Be careful when opening and closing your microwave oven door. Most microwave ovens begin their wear and tear issues with their doors. Practices such as pulling the door open without turning off the microwave and pushing it to shut with too much pressure cause gradual damage to your microwave unit. Pay attention to its operations when you are using it, check its lights and listen to it if it makes unwanted noises when running. Make necessary repairs and replacements as necessary.

Whether you go with the mechanical microwave oven or the digital microwave oven, Condura’s microwave ovens will not cost you over Php5,000 and that’s a great price tag for those on a budget. Both units have a 2-year warranty on system parts and labor, making it a great investment for your kitchen.

Visit our list of new small domestic appliances to know more about Condura’s small home appliances offering.




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