Refrigerator Checklist: 5 Things to Consider When Buying a Fridge

So you finally decided to purchase a new refrigerator, but you don’t know what particular fridge to buy? While refrigerator hunting could sometimes be a little challenging, having an idea of what your food habits and food storage needs can help you find that perfect fridge for your home.

Are you a sari-sari store owner and you need large storage for softdrinks and other beverages that you are selling? Are you a homemaker but is selling ice or ice candy for extra income? You might need a ref that has a large storage and big refrigerator freezer.

Condura has been a trusted brand by Filipino households for decades. They offer a wide range of refrigerators that cater to your needs and your budget. Their No Frost refrigerators are perfect for home and negosyo owners.

Before saying yes to that ref purchase, here are five things you should consider:

  • Price point

This is probably the most important factor to take into consideration when buying a refrigerator. Start with naming your budget and move forward from there. It will be easier for you to compare refrigerator models once you know the price range you are working on.

A reliable refrigerator is an investment yes, but it’s important to stick to your budget and not overspend. You might want the most expensive ref for your home but it’s not really what you need ask yourself what you need for a fridge and assess models that could cater to that necessity
Check for discounts and promos so you can save up. Try buying during sale seasons for price reductions too.

  • Size

A lot of people make the grave mistake of not considering their kitchen’s measurements before buying a ref which leads to kitchen troubleshooting. Make sure to check the dimensions specifically the width of the fridge and kitchen space before you purchase.

If you are replacing your old fridge, you can use the former’s dimensions as basis for your new one. If you are buying ref for a newly remodeled home or kitchen, measure the space where you plan to place the fridge and make a few adjustments. Leave at least an extra inch at the sides, tops and back for proper ventilation and air circulation.

The fridge of your choice may stick out beyond your counters so consider counter depth as well. If your kitchen has an island counter, make sure it has enough clearance to open ref doors or even walk past it. Make sure that the ref will also fit through halls and doorways en route to your kitchen during delivery.

refrigerator checklist size and space

  • Storage capacity

Another important factor to consider before buying a ref is storage space. This will entirely depend on your household’s needs and consumption.

Filipinos love eating and Filipino moms have a habit of stacking up food that’s good for a few weeks’ worth of consumption. Condura’s No Frost refrigerators features double cooling technology to prevent mixing of odors and flavors and keeping humidity at an optimal level.
Will you be using your fridge for your sari-sari store? The Negosyo No Frost Inverter PRO may be the perfect fit for you. The Negosyo No Frost Inverter PRO’s 8-9 cu. ft. variant has a 68-liter freezer that could fit up to 14 ice cream tubs.

The Negosyo No Frost Inverter PRO also has a deodorizer that eliminates bacteria and an anti-bacterial gasket that prevents bacteria build-up, which is perfect to maintain the freshness of frozen foods that you are selling.

  • Style

Now that you have your dimensions and fittings in check, consider the style you want for your ref too. Do you want the classic top freezer design, or do you want to opt for the bottom freezer built? Do you want a single door ref or a two-door ref?

The Home Ultima Inverter Bottom Freezer in 12 cu. ft. has a flexifresh zone storage, which enables you to adjust the chiller and crisper sections according to the needs of food storage. It also has ultrafreeze technology which rapidly cools the freezer at a default temperature of -25°C and is perfect for newly stored meat and fish.

Condura’s Home Ultima line also has the Home Ultima No Frost Inverter side by side and the Home Ultima No Frost Inverter multi-door. Best part is that it’s energy efficient and could save you a lot on your electricity bills.

  • Features

A lot of home appliances level their competition with key features on their products and refrigerators are no different. If you want a ref with an ice maker or an autofill water dispenser, check for models that feature those.
Make sure your fridge has dedicated compartments for things that you will store like meats, cold cuts, eggs and other dairy products. Check if it has adjustable shelves for you to store tall items too.

The Negosyo No Frost Inverter PRO features a door alarm that activates after 1 minute the ref door is left open, as well as LED lighting that emit less head and conserves more energy, the perfect combo for sari-sari store owners.

Don’t forget to check the warranty of the product too. Condura offers a 10-year warranty on ref motors, a 1-year warranty on LED system, parts and labor, as well as a 3-year warranty on inverter board.

A good refrigerator is an investment that will be a staple in your home for plenty of years, some even lasting decades so make sure you do your research on what best suits your household’s needs to make the most out of your fridge.

While it’s not every day you splurge on a large appliance, making a little effort of planning ahead can help you decide what type of refrigerator is the best suited for your needs.




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