The Best Place to Put Your Refrigerator in the Kitchen

So you’ve finally bought the perfect refrigerator for your house! Whether it’s a single or two-door refrigerator, there is always another dilemma to solve: where in the kitchen should it be placed? In some houses, whether you’re renting or already own it, there are already ready-made spaces for certain refrigerator units. But some spaces are so bare that it makes it difficult to imagine where to put your fridge. 

One of the first things that you should consider when you have a bare kitchen space is the layout. There could be a variety of kitchen layouts, depending on how big the house or apartment is. Ask yourself these questions: Are you planning on getting a kitchen island? Where is the sink placed? Do you have a separate door near the kitchen? Where are you planning to install or put drawers? Or what kind of appliances do you want to have in your kitchen? 

Of course, aside from answering these questions, you also need to think about the traffic flow in your kitchen. How many people are going to be using your kitchen at the same time? Will you be able to use your refrigerator despite having multiple people in the kitchen?

Once you have the answers to these questions, it’s time to pick the perfect place to put your refrigerator. Here are some best places in your kitchen to put your refrigerator unit:

Next to your kitchen counter or sink

One of the basic places to put your fridge is next to your kitchen counter. Regardless if your kitchen is big or small, it’s always a good idea to have your refrigerator right near a place where you can prepare your food easily. Likewise, it’s also ideal to place your fridge near the sink so if you’re someone who washes fruits or veggies, it’s easily accessible for the best efficiency. 

TIP! Think of your cooking scenario before you put your fridge anywhere in your kitchen. If you’re someone who always cooks, imagine taking out stuff from your fridge and how it can make it easier for you once you’re already cooking.

Near your pantry or cabinet of dried foods 

Imagine this: you just came home from a tiring day and brought home groceries. You want to put away everything efficiently – so you want everything to be within reach. It’s highly advisable to place your fridge in a space that is near your pantry so you won’t have to go that far once you are organizing everything you bought from the market. 

Ensure that cabinets are easily reachable for a more efficient time. If you choose a 2 door refrigerator or a side-by-side ref, see to it that you have ample space to have it opened as fully as possible so you can avoid opening and closing it just to put in groceries. Remember to organize your items first on which goes where so you can have an easier time organizing everything in one place.

TIP! If you don’t have a kitchen island, put a bench or table near the fridge or the pantry so you can place your groceries within height’s reach.

Isolated space from other appliances

There is always a misconception that you need to place your fridge far away from appliances. This is mostly due to the belief that the fridge will not waste any energy that other appliances might omit, and that it will affect its cooling capability. It was also believed that it could shorten the refrigerator’s life span. Although this could be the case in the past, modern technology has made it so that refrigerators can now be used alongside other appliances. Some refs have integrated cooling systems and stronger insulation in these modern units. 

But if you still have an old refrigerator unit, it’s safer to place it far from other appliances, including the oven and stove just to ensure its efficiency. Additionally, it can be a fire hazard, so just for added safety, just keep your fridge away from any appliances that you frequently use.

TIP! Put a special divider for your fridge and add a touch of any theme. Put a bamboo divider if you’re feeling a more local theme in your kitchen!

A space with proper ventilation

Your refrigerator should be in a place with proper ventilation. Without it, your fridge can consume more energy which could lead to early damage or breakdown. Refrigerators have built-in air vents that are placed either at the back, below, or at the rear – depending on the type of refrigerator. 

For ventilation space, an old refrigerator needs at least 2-3 inches of space at the back but for newer models, 1-2 inches of space is necessary. Remember to add ample space at the top as well. Choose a space that is a bit taller and wider than your fridge, especially for side-by-side refrigerators that take up space whether open or closed. If refrigerators do not have proper ventilation, the compressor runs nonstop which could affect its lifespan.

TIP! Always choose a ref space that has an outlet nearby so you don’t have to use an extension when plugging your fridge.

Away from the sunlight 

Avoid placing your fridge in direct sunlight. Just for safety and efficiency reasons, it’s always good practice to avoid anything that may compromise your appliance. Since refrigerators need to be kept in a cool environment, it’s better to put them in a place that is a bit further from windows and doors leading outside. Your ref will thank you, especially when the incredibly hot summer season arrives.

TIP! If you don’t have any other space other than that corner that has a window, keep your window closed and add a curtain or a heat-resistant cover.

Incorporate it in your kitchen cabinet space

Some refrigerators take up too much space in a kitchen so there is no more space left for other furniture, appliances, and storage. If you’re moving to a new place or if you want to redo your kitchen, consider creating a special little nook in your kitchen which is filled with cabinets and customized space for your refrigerator. To avoid putting anything above your fridge (which usually causes a mess and makes cleaning a lot harder), build storage above the fridge. Take note, especially for big units such as two-door refrigerators, that there should be enough space when it gets used.

TIP! If you have enough budget, customize your ref to be a part of the cabinet itself! Make a hidden refrigerator, which could make your kitchen look a lot more fashionable and modern.

Between the living room and kitchen

If you’re someone who lives in a studio apartment, or just simply has friends come over often, it’s a good idea to put your fridge in a place that’s easily accessible. Guests can simply get their drinks from the fridge, and if you’re living alone, it’s a lot easier to get your snacks while having a movie marathon since the fridge is just a few steps away. Just remember to choose a spot that has an outlet for easier plug and use.

TIP! Get an inverter side-by-side refrigerator to make the most out of the space you have. This way, you have more space to put your food and it will last longer.


When it comes to choosing what is the perfect space for your refrigerator, it always comes down to where you’re most comfortable. Sometimes, it’s not even in the kitchen. If you think the perfect space to put your fridge is somewhere else other than your kitchen, that’s good, too. Just remember to have an outlet, especially for it, and it has the proper ventilation necessary for it to last longer.




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