Tips to Enhance Your Stay-At-Home Experience

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the way we live our lives. It has forced almost everyone at home, devoid of physical connection and activities. People are driven to stay safe and healthy. And, because of the extended quarantine periods, people came up with different ways to deal with their stay-at-home situations. Many are forced to work from home and adjust, but some just find it hard to live in the “new normal” for too long.

There can be a lot of issues in an isolation setup. It can be really difficult to cope and adjust, especially if you’re not one to spend a lot of time at home. People find it stressful because there is less to do on top of waiting for positive news and skyrocketing bills and other expenses. However, one can think of it as an opportunity to grow, learn new things, and even help you earn extra income. While working from home, you can allot all your extra time searching for new activities that will help you improve yourself on work and nourish your talent while staying at home.

It may not seem like it, but there are a lot of things that you can do to make your stay-at-home experience extra fruitful. If you’re wondering what things you can do at home, here’s a list of how you can enhance your stay at home experience:

Find a perfect workspace
A perfect workplace in your house can be a spot where no one can distract you and make you focus. You can set it up in your bedroom, sala, or any extra space in your home. You can even improve or optimize your space by having it decorated. It will make you feel motivated and productive if you put some items that can make you feel calm and happy such as plants, decor, etc. to give you a better ambiance.

Learn new skills
You can utilize all your extra time to learn new skills. It can be playing an instrument, drawing, acquiring a new language, or searching for a new dish to cook after work. These can allow you to refresh and recharge before going back to work. Taking new skills will give your mind and body a chance to lessen your feeling of isolation and burnout.

Being always at home doesn’t mean you need to be isolated from your colleagues and friends. Make use of your devices and digital tools to connect with them as you can help each other in work from home struggles. Set up a virtual snack break or happy hour for continuous collaboration, as well as to avoid feeling lonely.

Build a side business
Another break hour activity that you can do is to create a profitable side business. You can utilize your hobby or newfound skills to earn extra. For example, search for a new dish that you can sell online, whether it’s a local or foreign food you can copy the recipe and put additional ingredients that can enhance the flavor of your new dish. In addition to this, find the best refrigerator brand that can provide you with enough space for your raw items so you can store them properly and not worry about food spoilage. Furthermore, you can sell your products online, write a blog, and/or create a design for a client, and manage your social media for business during your spare time. It will lessen your boredom as you earn more whilst having fun doing what you love. Just make sure to manage your time properly, so that you can provide quality results both at work and side business.

By doing so, plan by making a list of the things you need to do for work and your business. Do not let your side business take the most of your time as your work needs to be done properly to avoid problems with your colleagues and your boss.

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It’s important to remain efficient even working from home, but it’s also a responsibility to maintain your health during the pandemic. Hence, try to make use of your time adapting to changes and creating a peaceful and productive environment. It will help you not just with the kind of approach to your new work style but also lessen the bad effects of working from home to your health.




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