How to Best Take Care of Your Laundry Needs with an Alagang Pinoy Touch

Best washing machine

Filipinos are known for their cleanliness and meticulousness, especially when it comes to personal hygiene and making sure that the clothes they wear are spic and span. The best laundry partner in every Filipino home to ensure this is a good washing machine. Let’s look at some of the factors to consider before buying a washing machine in the Philippines.

Having a durable and trusted washing machine saves you time and effort in doing laundry compared to handwashing. Depending on your needs, family size, and laundry habits, you have an option to choose between a semi-automatic or fully automatic washing machine.

A semi-automatic washing machine requires some manual input before the laundry process. This type of washing machine usually contains two tubs—one for washing and another for spin drying. After the washing process, the clothes are transferred manually to the other tub for the spin drying cycle. Meanwhile, a fully automatic washing machine completed the entire washing cycle with minimal human effort, from rinsing to spinning dry clothes all on its own.

Semi-automatic washing machines are less expensive than fully automatic washing machine in terms of initial purchase cost. However, fully automatic washing machines provide convenience when doing laundry, especially for older people or individuals who are always busy with other household chores. You can just dump your laundry, set the timer to your desired settings, prepare the detergent and fabric conditioner, and your washing machine will do it all for you.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

Consider this type of washing machine as your entry-level when it comes to this laundry appliance. It usually only comes in as a top loader machine. If you live alone or you are starting your family and you don’t mind a little manual work with the washing machine, this type will fit your lifestyle.

The Condura AquaCare Twin Tub Washing Machine gets that alagang Pinoy touch right, thanks to its power wash and hand-wash combo. Achieve stain-free clothes with the Easy Scrub Basin, a modern washboard cover lid that enables you to gently treat your clothes before cleaning them using the Power Wash option. This is best for Pinoy households that want to make sure that dirt, grime, and stain are removed thoroughly using the traditional Pinoykusot” hand washing technique, combined with the power of machine wash.

It has a Dual Force Pulsator that enables intensive stain removal that isn’t abrasive by generating water flows at the right level. It also has an Air Dry Feature, a water discharge system that enhances the spin dry function and dries clothes faster. The best part is you get all that for only Php7,995!

Fully Automatic Washing Machines

Fully automatic washing machines come in two types: top load and front load. Depending on your family’s laundry needs, both will be perfect for your home. Top loaders and front loaders typically have the same feature and provide homemakers convenience and ease of use.

Many moms prefer top-loading washing machines because they don’t have to bend down to put clothes in and take clothes out of the tub. The front-loading washing machine uses less water than the top loader due to its tumbling action during the wash cycle. It’s important to note that front-loaders are generally louder than top loaders due to the faster spin speed.

The Condura AquaCare Top Load Washing Machine is equipped with Fuzzy Logic Technology to accurately measure the needed water level based on the weight of your laundry load. This washing machine’s performance will only cost you Php0.35 per wash so imagine how much you can save.

Condura’s AquaCare Front Load Washing Machine comes with inverter technology that will surely provide you comfort and convenience with clean clothes and lower electric bills. You can even customize the program cycle that you want according to your laundry habits. This unit also has a Pause/Add feature that allows you to pause the machine during the wash cycle to add more clothes. That’s “diskarte and alagang Pinoy” at your fingertips!

Washing Machine Buyer’s Checklist

Washing machine checklist

Filipinos are known for being “ma-diskarte” with their purchases and whether it’s a first time purchase or hunting to buy a new one, there are some essential factors that are usually considered in buying a washing machine.

Price Your budget will set a tone on the type of washing machine you will get for your home. Put a price range for your purchase and build from there. A price range will help you filter options and compromise with some features that may not be present with your purchase.

Size It’s essential to buy an appliance that will have a designated space in your house so you can keep it well-maintained. Pinoys usually place their washing machines in their garage or their designated laundry area. Measure the area you intend to place your machine before going out to buy one.

Capacity This will vary depending on how many are in the household. A growing family will need a washing machine that can take a heavy load of laundry. A fully automatic washing machine may be more beneficial if you are a mom and already have your plate full with your kids all day.

Energy efficiency – How much you will save with every appliance is an essential factor that one should always consider. A lot of manufacturers value energy efficiency to help consumers cut monthly utility costs. Choosing a washing machine shouldn’t hurt your wallet with those electric and water bills, so go with appliances that are energy efficient.

Best Washing Machine Recommendations

Condura washing machine

If you are looking for the best washing machine for your home, Condura’s AquaCare washing machines might be the one suited for you. For over 30 years, Condura has provided Filipinos better home solutions toward a more prosperous home life.

Condura also values Pinoys being madiskarte with their life and offers an extensive warranty. The AquaCare Top Load Washing Machine and AquaCare Front Load Washing Machine come with a 10-year motor warranty, while the AquaCare Twin Tub Washing Machine has a 5-year motor warranty.

As a Filipino brand, Condura knows the Filipinos’ unique needs very well. The AquaCare Top Load Washing Machine is perfect if you have toddlers because it’s equipped with a child lock system to prevent potential accidents. Suppose you have newborns and babies at home, the AquaCare Front Load Washing Machine features the Baby Care Function that removes detergent residue thoroughly to prevent allergies to the little ones.

If you are looking for a washing machine below Php10,000, the AquaCare Twin Tub Washing Machine is your best bet. It has various soaking modes that, when combined with different washing modes, can increase cleaning performance.

Washing machines are a staple in every Pinoy home, and the convenience and “alaga” it gives should be enough of an answer to why it is necessary. You must do some research first before you make your purchase. Check to know more about the AquaCare washing machines.




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