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ultima no frost inverter multi door refrigerator

Higher EEF 504 with Lower Power Consumption for as low as P9.85 cost per day


*Based on Meralco Average Daily Rate (PHP 9.9468) from October-December, CFD-472i Model.

ultima no frost inverter multi door refrigerator features

  • low temperature catalyst sterilization

    LTC serves as the air purifier which protects food from bacteria by filtering air pollutants such as molds and dust mites through catalyst technology

  • ultrafreeze technology

    Rapidly cools the freezer at default temperature of -25°C while setting of fridge temperature will not be changed. This is perfect for newly stored meats and fish by preserving nutrition and texture of meats and fish. After 50 hours, it will be restored to previous temperature settings.

  • flexifresh zone storage

    Maximize storage of crisper and chiller according to the needs of food storage

    Option to maximize storage of chiller and crisper

    1. Temperature can be adjusted according to the needs of food storage.
    2. When the knob is placed at the CRISPER position, fresh zone can be
      functioned as a crisper zone.
    3. When the knob is placed at the CHILLER position, it is suitable for short-term
      storage of frozen fish or meat.

    Chiller Zone with Adjustable Temperature Control

    An independent compartment stays colder than the rest of the fridge,
    with -2~3℃ adjustable temperature range which can fit in storage of meat or vegetables

    TIPS: When you choose CHILLER function, it is recommended to set fridge temperature below 4 degree in order to preserve the freshness

  • led light

    The LED lighting emits less heat, more energy efficient and durable than traditional lighting.

intelli-function led touch panel

Mange the temperature at a touch, include useful functions

Vacation Power-Saving Mode Note:

For vacation mode, cooling process only applies in freezer hence, storing of food in the fridge section is not recommended

power off memory

In case of power failure, present settings will be saved and operation resumes when the power is returned.

door alarm

Both Fridge and Freezer door will alarm after 90 seconds