Iba ang Pinoy: The Best Freezer for Your New Negosyo

Iba ang Pinoy: The Best Freezer for Your New Negosyo

Published on February 23, 2021 • 6 minutes read
Best Freezer for Unique Negosyo

Do you already have a home-based business, or are thinking of starting one? Now that we have gotten more used to staying indoors, this doesn’t mean that we have to run out of business ideas. Here are examples of unique businesses that you can launch from the comfort of your home, with limitless potential for growth.

Unique Desserts

One good way to run a negosyo from home is to start a dessert business. However, you need to be smart about this and come up with unique ideas to set yourself apart. Being smart with your business also means planning all aspects of your negosyo. Think about the goods that you want to sell. Plan where to source your items. Think about the type of negosyo refrigerator to get since there are many refrigerators in the Philippines. Looking for unique desserts that you can create and sell from your home? Recreate these cold sweets from different parts of the world and add your own touch to make it your one-of-a-kind Pinoy dessert.

  • Deep-fried chocolate bars

Deep-fried chocolate? Though chocolate bars are already delicious, you should start experimenting with some added extras. In Scotland, chocolate shops offer their customers the chance to have their favorite chocolate bar battered and then deep-fried. This sounds deliciously unhealthy, but will surely lead to a lot of sales.

  • Ais Kacang

This dessert is from our Malaysian and Singaporean neighbors. Literally, it means “ice and beans” and would have sweet beans, pudding, and other toppings above a heap of shaved ice. Think of it as a new version of halo-halo. Invest in an ice shaver and think of tasty ingredients that you can add. These can be red beans, grass jelly, lychee fruit, buko, evaporated milk, strawberry syrup, or even crushed brownies. Add a layer of pudding on top to make it seem as if a paintball fight happened in the kitchen. This Southeast Asian dessert will definitely make a statement.

  • Sweet Pasta

Pasta as dessert? Definitely. Though most people think of pasta as a meal in itself, and usually tasking sour or salty, sweet pasta is a popular dessert in Hungary. They call it Mákos Tészta. Instead of covering the pasta noodles with tomato sauce and cheese, they pour a combination of poppy seeds and sugar. We’re sure that your business will gain traction when people learn about this unique sweet treat!

  • Sour Avocado Cream

They call this Crème de Abacate in Brazil. Avocado isn’t just a fruit or a salad ingredient. It is the key to a cold, delicious, and creamy dessert. All you need is a medium-sized avocado, a can of condensed milk, and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Blend all of the ingredients together and put them in the freezer for thirty minutes. People will surely be surprised at this sweet and sour concoction!

  • Sweet Dumplings

In China, they call this Tang Yuan. All you need is some glutinous flour to make ball-shaped dumplings. You may add a few drops of food coloring for a pop of color. Though traditionally, the ancient Chinese used only natural coloring, you can opt to add a modern touch. Afterward, cover the dumplings in broth made from ginger juice and sugar. You can then dip them in black sesame, red beans, and even peanuts. However, they can also be eaten on their own. Sweet dumplings symbolize family unity. Though traditionally eaten at the end of the Chinese New Year, this dessert is so popular in China that it’s eaten all-year-round.

  • Picarones

This dessert has been popular in Peru since their Colonial Era. Made from sweet potato or squash, they are deep-fried and look like donuts. Picarones are usually dipped in syrup made from melted, unrefined sugar. However, you can experiment and try other dips such as chocolate, maple, or strawberry syrup! While these desserts will surely generate interest, look for the best suppliers as this will reduce your expenses, allowing you to earn more. See if you can buy items in bulk or wholesale. It is also important to find the best suppliers for your appliances. Cheap appliances may seem good for the short term, but they lead to higher electricity bills and recurring repairs. If you’re thinking of selling frozen goods, you should choose only the best refrigerator and freezer for your negosyo.

Home-based beverage services

If you have the talent for creating cold concoctions, then you can establish a home-based beverage business instead. To do this, start preparing your menu. What types of drinks do you want to create? Do you already have great recipes in your arsenal? If you don't, are you willing to experiment with new recipes? Once you already have a menu. Think about the name of your negosyo. It should be memorable but should also speak about what your business stands for. You can try experimenting with fruit juice. Take any kind of fruit, and juice them or turn them into a shake. You can add milk, sugar, or other sweet ingredients. If your customers are looking for healthier options, you can sell mixed-vegetable juices or shakes. Another option is to sell nectar, which is a mixture of pure fruit juice with some water. However, if you’re looking for new flavors, then you can offer punch. Punch is a mixture of different types of flavored juice. You can even add some alcohol. Of course, you can also join the iced coffee and milk tea bandwagon. Find ways to spice things up by adding pearls, nata de coco, and pudding. You can also experiment with flavors such as salted caramel, Chinese tea leaves, and Philippine coffee variants. A word of advice: For your home-based business to be successful, don’t just think of your recipes. You must also pay attention to your business structure. Learn about accounting and management. Create a thorough business plan so that you won’t get confused about the difference between your personal and business expenses. Ensure that you have a detailed marketing plan so you can reach your potential customers. Make sure that all your ingredients, tools, and materials are of top quality. This means finding the best suppliers for all your needs. Ensure to get only the best food-preparation machines and appliances, and this includes having the best negosyo refrigerator.

Custom-made and out-of-season desserts

Since summer is almost here, why not opt for creating your own cold desserts? One easy business idea that you can start from your home is selling ice candy and homemade ice cream. Check for online recipes and look for wholesale suppliers for ingredients. Offer exciting flavors for ice candy, and also open up to the idea of creating custom flavors based on what your customers like. The potential is even greater with homemade ice cream as it has a certain taste that most brands in the market can’t replicate. Use coconut milk, add fruits, and top your products with nuts. You can also make customized cakes and have fun with the designs. Learn how to use frosting to create images on top of the cake, and you will surely rake in customers who want unique desserts for various occasions. If you want to push things even further, you can also sell food that is not traditionally sold during the summer. What if you sell bibingka and puto bumbong during the hot months? As most were not able to participate in Simbang Gabi last year, Pinoys are craving for these delicacies all year-round. You can market your products online and set up a delivery system. Jazz up your bibingka by adding new toppings, such as pineapple, langka, buko, or, pinipig. You can also add different powdered flavoring when making your puto bumbong, so that people won’t know what to expect.

Christmas food during the summer? Why not?

However, the most important thing to consider is finding the best appliances for your business. When starting a negosyo from home, you should get only the best negosyo refrigerator. You may whip up the best meals and desserts, but if you don’t refrigerate them well, they won’t be able to last long enough to get to your customers. Find the refrigerator that is as efficient as you: Condura. Condura freezers and refrigerators are the top choices for your home negosyo as they come with a Real Negosyo Warranty. You can now become more confident, knowing that a Condura refrigerator is your partner in establishing your dream business. You’d want to provide the best for your customers. Just like you, we also strive to provide the best products and strive to fulfill the unique needs of the Pinoy consumer. Remain confident in starting your business as you can be sure that we always provide great attention to detail and that our services are always filled with malasakit. Now that you have enough business ideas, choose to partner with the company that caters to the Flipino people!