Online Business Registration in the New Normal

The impact of the COVID-19 is being felt by all individuals around the world. It significantly impacted everyone’s household income. That is why more people are actively trying to have a passive income. Despite of the challenges in the new normal, people begin to strategize ways to make money. Some are turning online or setting up their own business even in the middle of a Pandemic. You may be thinking that it will be a lot harder to register a business in the new normal situation. Well, it’s true! You can experience falling in extra-long lines in different government offices and banks or have a slower process in business registration because of allotted time or scheduled day for you to be physically present in the agencies, not to mention, the limited public transportation for you to get there. You must finish all the requirements as well for business registration. This will test your patience because of its long process.

Well, here’s how we can help you. DTI and BIR are two of the government agencies you need to visit for business registration. Good news! they now offer online services so you can continue registering your business without too much hassle. Check out below the links and procedures of their online transactions, so you can move forward and successfully operate your dream business.

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)
The Department of Trade and Industry will require you to register your business name through its business name service website. Using any devices, you can now request a Certificate of Business Name Registration to DTI.

But first, you may check if your preferred business name is available on DTI’s website. Then, if your business name is unused, fill out some questions on the online registration form. Take note of your reference code as you’ll be needing it in your transactions. Once you accomplished the form, you have to pay through their payment options like DTI teller, GCash, and Paymaya. Upon confirmation of your payment, they will send you a copy of your certificate to your email for you to download.

Here’s the link to DTI’s business registration: You may also send them a message for any questions regarding this matter at

Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)
BIR provides different eServices portable for easier transactions from taxpayer registration, to electronic filing of tax returns. But to get your Certification of registration, you need to log in first to their eRegistration System. You may also be required to fill up some forms. You can download here the forms based on your business classification (sole proprietor, partnership, corporation).

Business Type Forms
Sole Proprietor


●    BIR Form 1901 – Application Form

●    BIR Form 0605 – Payment Form

●    BIR Form 2000 – Documentary Stamp Tax on Lease

Partnership ●    BIR Form 1903 – Application Form

●    BIR Form 0605 – Payment Form

●    BIR Form 2000 – Documentary Stamp on Tax Lease

Corporation ●    BIR Form 1903 – Application Form

●    BIR Form 0605 – Payment Form

●    BIR Form 2000 – Documentary Stamp on Tax Lease

●    BIR Form 2000 – Documentary Stamp Tax on Subscription

Moreover, you still need to proceed to your assigned Revenue District Office (RDO Codes will be automatically determined by eTIN) to submit the required forms and/or permits as well as your book of accounts.

For the mode of payment, you can pay through their Accredited Agent Bank or authorized collection agent under their respective Revenue District Offices (RDOs) or pay via BIR-accredited payment facilities such as eFPS or GCash.

Unfortunately, not all government offices have online services such as the Mayor’s permit or Barangay Clearance, so you need to be patient in going there to get what you need. But take note, you can always ask your barangay or mayor’s office if they have online registration to get the required papers. It will be helpful if you have their contact details for you to be able to inquire about the requirements in registration. You can also do a research to get the latest updates about the process. Starting a business to registering it can be a lot of tedious, but it will be a good thing and helpful in the end if you patiently finalize it to protect your company in the future in times of unexpected circumstances just like what we’re experiencing today.




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