The Advantages of an Inverter Refrigerator
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The Advantages of an Inverter Refrigerator

Published on October 02, 2020 • 4 minutes read
The Advantages of an Inverter Refrigerator

If you are a newbie in the refrigerator or the whole appliance scene—perhaps somebody used to buy them for you or just entered the adulting phase—then the massive selection of units must have got you confused. There is just a lot going on in the fridge section. Even if you start browsing your favorite online selling application, you are bombarded with the same impossible amount of options. One thing that might have caught your attention, though, is the term inverter. Inverter, what does that even mean? It sounds familiar, but if your memory serves you right, you did not have to use inverter fridges in your home. So, it is safe to say that it’s needless and you can just buy the best-looking refrigerator, the cheapest one for that matter. Either way, they all work the same. Now, let me stop you right there before you make any more mistakes. While all these refrigerator units seem similar to you, they don’t work the same. And inverters are not needless. You might not have time and patience for a practical breakdown of specification and technicalities of a fridge, but don’t dismiss what you don’t understand. Before you buy your refrigerator, spare this article some of your time. I promise you; it will be worth it.

The Heart of the Refrigerator

The first thing you need to know is that the refrigerator has two basic types—the inverter type and the conventional type. I understand why you may want to disregard inverter refrigerators. Its’s because inverter refrigerators are not normalized until recently since its basic component, the inverter compressor, wasn’t invented by the Japanese until the year 1980. Its application in the refrigerator was also much later, but its invention proved to be huge in the future of refrigerators. Now, what does it matter? A compressor is the heart of the refrigerator. It is the part where the refrigerator’s performance ultimately depends. It is also responsible for maintaining the temperature or coolness of the insulated compartment. Compressors work in on-and-off cycles, but as to how they execute these cycles makes all the difference. Read this to know more: The Advantages of an Inverter Refrigerator

The Battle of the Compressors

Now that you know the function of compressors, you must understand the distinction between the two. The traditional or regular compressor is ultimately powerful; it operates on single-speed and is expected to run at high-speed and at full capacity, 100% of the time. You will know that a fridge uses a regular compressor when it makes a low rumbling sound every time you open it. That is because that is how the regular compressor executes its cycle. It stops when it reaches a specific temperature and restarts, working harder to maintain and keep up with its temperature, whenever it detects a slight drop in temperature. While the regular compressor is extremely powerful, its tendency to rack up unnecessary energy every time you open your refrigerator isn’t exactly energy efficient.

That is where the inverter compressor is different. The inverter refrigerator can operate at varying speeds or even at a lower speed but in longer cycles. It does not stop based on temperature, but it adapts according to the refrigerator’s load requirement. It uses just the right amount of energy and adjusts itself according to the consumer or the user’s usage habits. In other words, a regular compressor is temperature-sensitive while the inverter compressor is user-sensitive.

Why the Inverter Refrigerator?

So, if that is the mechanism, how does it translate to performance? What difference does it make? +Long-Term Savings According to Manila Standard Lifestyle, in its 2016 post titled “How much can you save on an inverter refrigerator?” an inverter refrigerator can help you save as much as P26,598.00 per year on electric bills. Sounds too good to be true, but unlike the regular compressor, the inverter compressor does not stop. It is a bit slower, but it uses energy well. It would rather run slowly than spend electricity in turning itself on to keep up with the temperature. Just in case you are still thinking of buying cheap, think about this: the inverter refrigerator may cost a little extra than the regular ones, but the real savings come in the end. + Intuitive Technology Inverter refrigerators are designed for precise cooling. The compressor speed adapts depending on the food load, outside temperature, thermostat settings, and temperature changes. It means that your fridge understands when it becomes a little too crowded or when it gets warmer. It will adjust its temperature, so your stocks are properly handled. + Less Noise If it matters to you, the inverter refrigerators do not make the same sudden rumbling sound as their regular counterparts. A fridge with inverter technology starts its cycle at low speed, producing less noise, making it truly well-suited to your home.

+ Longer Life Span Since the regular type refrigerators are easily agitated by sudden temperature drops, their compressor tends to get more pressure, resulting in a faster build-up of wear and tear. On the contrary, inverter refrigerators run slowly and do execute its job more gradually, giving it time to adjust its pace evenly. This argument does not necessarily mean that regular refrigerators are entirely outdated. Perhaps, it is designed for settings that require its temperature-sensitive abilities. But to sum it up for you, inverter refrigerators are run by inverter compressors that make it more intuitive. Its intuitiveness gives it a longer life span than the regular ones. It is also less noisy and can benefit your household finances through some serious energy-saving capabilities. I hope you will put this into consideration before making your purchase. If you are curious about the best inverter refrigerators in the market, you may consider Condura refrigerators. Condura is a well-known manufacturer of durable inverter type refrigerators. They offer inverter refrigerators in different styles and sizes, be it a two-door, multi-door, or side-by-side. They even have selections intended for negosyo. You may find more information at