Best Commercial Refrigerator Recommendations for Your Negosyo
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Best Commercial Refrigerator Recommendations for Your Negosyo

Published on October 20, 2021 • 6 minutes read
Commercial refrigerator recommendations

If you’re in the food industry, having a reliable and efficient refrigerator or freezer is vital for the success of your business. Whether you own a sari-sari store, a carinderia, a mini grocery, or any food service negosyo, a durable fridge will sustain the quality of your products and will keep you running your business. For over 30 years, Condura has provided Filipinos with quality appliances that enable them to realize their life’s aspirations and propel them to even bigger pag-asenso dreams. That said, Condura refrigerator professionals provide you with the best commercial refrigerator recommendations to help business owners like you propel your business. Read on to know more!

Negosyo Ideas

The pandemic has battered the Philippines and affected a lot of Filipinos. Many people lost their jobs, but Filipino resilience is unlike any other. There have been plenty of success stories about people who thrived amidst the challenges, with others venturing into small businesses, finding their footing in selling food items, and eventually sustaining an income for themselves and their families. If you are looking for some business ideas to start during this pandemic, begin with something that requires a small capital. Once you grasp how to navigate your sales upwards, you can upgrade little by little. Your negosyo journey is a process so enjoy it. You can try selling desserts like buko pandan, mango sago, coffee jelly, or mango graham float because what better way to find a target market than to capture the appetite of Filipinos with sweets. These staple desserts will surely be a delectable surprise to customers, especially now that the holiday season is just around the corner. If you own a sari-sari store or mini grocery store, you can expand your inventory with these desserts and even add a few more like no-bake cakes or ice candy. With the rise of online delivery apps, carinderia owners can also offer these cold desserts for customers to enjoy.

What to Consider Before Buying Your Negosyo Refrigerator

Your refrigerator has to accommodate your business needs, and for you to find that perfect fridge, you should consider these essential factors:

  • Business needs – The type of fridge you need will depend on the type of business you have or want to pursue. Different commercial refrigerator brands in the market cater to different kinds of business ventures. For example, if you own a meat shop, chest freezers are the best option for storage.
  • Price – One of the most important factors to consider is your budget. Refrigerators are definitely an investment for your home and business. Setting a budget is an excellent way to start your hunt for a commercial refrigerator for sale and your ref purchase journey.
  • Size – The size of your refrigerator also depends on the type of business you have. If you have a sari-sari store, then a standard two-door or single-door inverter ref could suffice. However, if you sell ice creams and processed meat, a chest freezer would be the appropriate storage because of the extra shelves and bigger space capacity for the food products and other things that need refrigeration.
  • Warranty – This will be your best friend for any of your appliances. The warranty assures small business owners a worry-less usage, and extended warranties are like the gift they keep on giving. Did you know that Condura was the first to provide negosyo partners with a guarantee that covers the use of its product for business purposes? It offers an extended warranty for up to 10 years for compressors. That said, it’s the best deal for start-up business owners like you.

Online vs. Offline Refrigerator Shopping

The pandemic has driven a significant increase in online shopping activity. For safety purposes, the majority have resorted to purchasing online rather than visiting a physical store to check products for themselves. For those who prefer shopping online, make sure you shop at the brand’s official website or through an authorized online partner store to avoid scams. Electronic appliances are not cheap, so be wise when shopping online. You can chat with a customer representative online if you have questions about the products, and you can even call the branch nearest you. Condura’s e-store is ready to serve you 24/7 for your appliance needs. You can also purchase from the brand’s online store partners, including LazMall, Shopee Mall, and Robinson’s Appliances. Some partner stores even offer discounts and free delivery services. If you are the type of shopper that likes to check the item physically, Condura is available in Abenson, Anson’s, and SM Appliance Store in leading supermalls nationwide.

Commercial Refrigerator Recommendations

For the best savings, the Negosyo Inverter Pro might be an excellent choice for you. The unit comes with a two-door refrigerator or single-door refrigerator variant, suitable if you are still starting your business venture. The Negosyo Inverter Pro Two Door provides maximum storage for your products and has adjustable and tiltable wire shelves to prevent bottled drinks from falling. It also has a designated bottle rack, storing up to 4 pieces of 1.5-liter soda bottles. Its freezer can also fit up to 20 tubs of 1.5 liters of ice cream, so storage for your stocks will never be a problem with this ref. The Negosyo No Frost Inverter Pro Refrigerator may also be an excellent preference. Its frost free freezers have a vast space that could store up to 14 (68L) ice cream tubs. The unit also features a Double Cooling Technology that prevents the mixing of food flavors and odors. It also has an Active Freezer Odor Filter that helps deactivate unwanted odors. If you sell raw meat, processed meat, or even ice creams and other cold desserts, the Negosyo Chest Freezer Inverter Pro is your best bet. This chest freezer has a fast freezing mode at -29°C or colder that transforms the liquids in the food into micro-crystals, which do not damage the tissues of the food. This way, upon thawing, the food product will not lose weight and color and retain its flavor and texture. The unit’s 10.7 cu. ft. unit will only cost you P10.56 (based on average Meralco rate from July to November 2021) a day. You can also go with the Negosyo Inverter Upright Freezer Pro, equipped with inverter and Rollbond Technology. It also has deeper shelves to store more food items so you can store more food to offer and sell. For beverages, pastries, and other goods that need cold storage, you can opt for the Negosyo Chiller Pro. The unit can store up to 336 soda cans which makes it a good investment for small negosyo owners. It has an anti-moist glass door, so you don’t need to worry about wiping moisture build-up. It also has an auto-defrost system and a significant drain pan for easy cleaning and mess-free maintenance. This chiller can maintain those sweet treats well-chilled thanks to its Powercool System. Having an organized fridge will also help your business grow. In a mini grocery or convenience store, customers do not have to keep the fridge or freezer door open for a long time if they can easily spot what they need to buy. An organized freezer or fridge gives customers easier visibility and access to food items and gives you lesser electricity consumption and more savings. Condura provides better home solutions for the Filipino family toward a more prosperous home life because as a Filipino brand, Condura knows the Filipinos’ unique needs well. Since the pandemic started, communities in the country have created groups where people within their village or area announce that they are selling food items and others like lutong bahay or even an online sari-sari store. It’s a great way to display the bayanihan spirit during these challenging times. Explore our website for Condura refrigerator products, prices, and availability.