Come Back Home to Condura
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Come Back Home to Condura

Published on March 24, 2021 • 5 minutes read
Come Back Home to Condura

For OFWs, nothing can be more satisfying than to see the fruit of all their labors turn into reality. All of those countless days and months that they’ve been working hard abroad, enduring homesickness and loneliness, away from their loved ones, away from their families. And nothing else brings a smile on their face, better than seeing their family enjoy their remittances from abroad. Some families prefer to use their finances on long term investments, may it be on their kids’ education, a car or a home. But there are also those who prefer to invest on appliances, items which may provide convenience to the family in the long run. This doesn’t mean that the head of the household aren’t thinking about the welfare of the family as a whole, as they may have already achieved many of the long-term goals, which in turn would validate their decision on the appliances.

With that in mind, you may be looking for recommendations, with regards to appliances which may help your family out in their daily activities. If you’re the head of the household and your significant other is sending you cash each month, you may have saved a few amounts by now and are waiting for the right opportunity to purchase a particular item that even they would approve of. Here’s a little suggestion, why not buy an air conditioner? The thing is, your significant other may have gone through extreme amounts of stress abroad, so you must at least condition your home, most specifically, your bed room as a great spot for rest. After all, your loved one would want nothing more than to lie down and cherish the short amount of rest that they may have before going back abroad for work again. Here are just a few tips: Choosing a good air conditioner for your room.

The Philippines is a tropical country. No doubt about it, you may have experienced sleepless nights, wiping sweat from your brow due to extreme heat, especially during the summer. This is to be expected each year, but if you want to change all of that, then perhaps an air conditioner may just be what you need. Your kids would need it, you’d need it, and even your significant other would need it once they come home from abroad (if they happen to come from a country with a cold climate, this would help in the long run). Oh, and did we mention that such purchases may help out other Filipinos as well? Condura, for example, manufacture their air conditioners locally, hence, providing countless Filipinos with jobs and an opportunity for livelihood. Not only would you be providing comfort for your own household, you’ll also be promoting Filipino-made products. Such a brand also indicates high quality, with various air conditioners to choose from. Even your significant other from abroad would be proud to invest on such a well-made appliance. Positioning your appliance and furniture the right way. No one likes a messy clutter. Your significant other may feel the same way and would prefer no clutter at all. You may rearrange a few furniture at home, make everything clear and accessible, especially in the bed room. Regardless if you’re going for a window type or a split type air conditioner, at least choose a proper spot for them, where their cool air would reach the whole room, to make things comfortably cool in a short amount of time. Make sure that no big furniture would block their air flow. Replace your curtains and sheets when necessary.

Dirty sheets and curtains may accumulate or build up dust overtime. Make sure to replace them with a fresh one every two to three months. Dirty bed sheets with stains are not likable, and would further distress your loved one who is just hoping to clear their mind and get rid of stress. Be sure to wash your sheets, scrub them well and take note of the smell, to make sure that they are as good as new. Also choose the right colors, one which matches the overall feel of your room. For curtains, colorful ones are amazing for cheering up everyone at home, especially at the living room. Curtains in your bed room may simply be plain white or light colored, in short, relaxing shades for your eyes. The thing about dust-filled sheets and curtains, is that they may build up and flow through the cool air while the A/C unit is on, causing an allergic reaction (noticeable when your significant other tends to sneeze often). Change the mood of your room with lights.

No one wants to relax in the dark, unless it’s night time. So for your bed room, choose a dim light bulb, something to freshen up the mood of your space. It would be perfect for those nights in which you and your significant other would just quiet down and relax all the way, while enjoying the cool air from your air conditioner. It would also be applicable during those times in which your kids would be asking for bed time stories. Nothing would motivate a sleepier mood than a dim light. Perhaps you may even add a few bedside lampshade, as a full room dim light may be too much for trying to catch sleep. This tip goes along with the one above, as during the day, you can turn off the lights and set aside your curtains to let the sunlight in. Don’t worry about the sunlight possibly warming up your place, as you have the air conditioner to handle the heat all throughout. Though take note that the horse power (HP) of your air conditioner is also important, since heat load such as sunlight also affects the cooling capacity of your unit, so choose wisely. With that in mind, you’re free to think of your bedroom as a well-lit place, while at the same time being a cold one, perfect for complete relaxation and sleep. May we interest you with a few recommendations? Don’t take it from us. You have all the time in the world to choose a unit, one which would best work for you and your home. For recommendations, you can even check out Condura’s website at