Dessert Recipes for Your Next Start-up Home-Based Business
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Dessert Recipes for Your Next Start-up Home-Based Business

Published on February 14, 2022 • 5 minutes read
Dessert recipes halo-halo

Filipinos are not new to small home-based businesses, and summer is always the perfect time for these small negosyos to thrive. The pandemic may have shut down plenty of food businesses, but it also opened doors for new ones. For example, the sushi bake and dalgona coffee sellers profited from those culinary experiments during the onset of the pandemic, so who knows what people can still discover in the future. Starting any business can be challenging. You have to consider many factors, such as your capital, target market, and finding a unique product to sell—something that makes your business stand out. Luckily, Pinoys are guilty of having a sweet tooth; that’s why cold desserts for the summer are always a hit anywhere in the country. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, an employee working from home, or a student taking online classes, you can start your own business selling cold desserts or food for merienda. The best part is that with everyone almost always online nowadays, marketing your negosyo is more effortless.

Pinoy Classic Summer Desserts Recipes

Summer in the Philippines means scorching heat, and Pinoys love those cold and refreshing desserts and drinks to treat their sweet cravings while cooling down. Here are some classic summer desserts that you can quickly try for your food business:

  • Ice Candy

This frozen treat is undoubtedly a quick fix on a hot day and comes in various flavors. How to make: Slice any seasonal fruit like melons or mango and mix it with evaporated milk, water, and sugar in a large pitcher. Stir until combined and refrigerate for 10 to 15 minutes. You can then pour the liquid mixture into ice candy wrappers and freeze for about 6 hours or overnight until firm. You can also choose chocolate powder or cocoa powder mix for a chocolate-flavored ice candy.

  • Fruit shakes

Like ice candy, fruit shakes are blockbuster hit refreshers during summer, particularly the mango-flavored ones. How to make: Slice mangoes into chunks to add tidbits to your fruit shake. Combine mangoes, evaporated milk, cold water, and crushed ice in a blender. Process until smooth and serve refreshingly cold. You can even use other fruits like a mix of strawberry and banana, avocado, and buko.

  • Buko Pandan Salad

This rich and creamy dessert loaded with pandan flavor and gulaman cubes is a crowd-pleaser against the sweltering heat. How to make: Mix powdered gelatin with water and stir, then combine with buko pandan flavor and stir well. In a heated saucepan, pour the mixture and bring to a boil while continuously stirring. Transfer the mixture to a mold and allow it to firm up while cooling in the fridge. In a separate bowl, combine condensed milk, shredded coconut meat, sago pearls, and all-purpose cream and mix well. You can also add nata de coco or kaong for that extra kick. Chill in the refrigerator or freezer for a few hours. Slice the gelatin into cubes, then combine with the cream mixture.

  • Halo-halo

It’s not Pinoy summer if you won’t see any halo-halo in the streets. Like a shaved ice dessert, what set halo-halo apart are its overflowing ingredients. How to make: Add ingredients in one tall cup (nata de coco, pinipig, gulaman, sago, kaong, red beans, and corn kernels, among others). Add a tablespoon of sugar if you want an extra kick of sweetness. Add crushed or shaved ice to fill the glass and pour evaporated milk. You can top this with a slice of leche flan, ube halaya, or ice cream. These desserts are easy to make at home and perfect for that small home-based summer business that can earn you an extra profit. Making them also doesn’t require huge capital, so you can start small without spending a lot. That being said, you must have a trusted refrigerator or chiller to store your products and keep them fresh and cool, and Condura’s no-frost refrigerators and freezers can cater to your home and business needs! The Condura Prima No-Frost Inverter has a freezer size of up to 53 liters, so you don’t have to worry about storage for your ice or chilled products. Powered by inverter technology, it can deliver higher cooling performance while saving up to 20% energy consumption. It’s also energy-efficient and costs you as low as Php6.96 a day. Imagine that entire savings! Find the ideal refrigerator for your small business and compare freezer prices in the Philippines in our interactive online finder.

Start Small, Dream Big

Starting a home-based business from scratch can be intimidating, no matter how small it might be. You might lose more than what you gain, but knowing how to market your products, how to sustain your business, and having a trusted partner like Condura, can make your summer business flourish. Now that lockdown restrictions are easing up, you can use this opportunity to either start a home-based food business or grow your current one. If you are in a great location, your business has a vast potential to be profitable. For as low as Php 3,000 worth of capital; you can set up a stall outside your home and sell cold desserts in the afternoon. Your neighbors are a good target market, but you can grow this if you decide to sell near a transport terminal with more potential customers. Don’t forget to post your products on your social media page to advertise your business online. Word of mouth goes a long way, so let your friends and family know about your business. If baking is your hobby or passion, you can turn this into a profitable small business. You can sell cupcakes, cookies, and other pastry delights. Condura’s all-new Gas Range Cookers have a built-in thermostat to ensure accurate temperature settings for that precise baking result. Grow your love for baking by accepting custom orders for various celebrations. Filipinos have spent birthdays in lockdowns for the past two years, and 2022 is the year they get to have a more celebratory birthday, so cakes and cupcakes will surely be in demand.

Partner with Condura for Your Negosyo Journey

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