Food Items That You Should Not Store in Your Freezer
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Food Items That You Should Not Store in Your Freezer

Published on August 20, 2022 • 4 minutes read
Food Items That You Should Not Store in Your Freezer

A refrigerator is a staple appliance in Filipino households. It keeps our drinks cold and our food fresh and safe to consume anytime we’re ready to eat it. Especially during the pandemic, when people started buying in bulk because of quarantine restrictions, homeowners have been filling their ref with various items and products. However, did you know that some items need not be refrigerated? Moreover, some food items should not be stored in the freezer compartment, not just to save space, but because it may affect their quality. Here are some items that should not be included in your freezer food list.

1. Milk

Milk in carton curdles when placed in the freezer and taken out to thaw. Curdled milk is dangerous to consume as it can cause digestive problems—vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. Sipping a bit is fine, but if you ingest a large enough quantity, it can cause food poisoning.

2. Fried food

You can store fried food in the freezer, but doing so will make it lose its crunchiness. What is fried food without the crisp, right?

3. Coffee

Iced coffee is great, but not frozen coffee grounds and beans. Aside from catching a freezer smell, your coffee will also have a weird taste when frozen.

4. Fruits

Fruits are best stored in the ref’s crisper. When you place them in the freezer, they will not only change their form but also lose some of their nutritional values.

5. Noodles or Pasta

Whether cooked or uncooked, pasta and noodles don’t belong in the freezer, as they may get mushy once you take them out.

6. Tomato Sauce

When frozen and then thawed, the water, vinegar, and tomato paste that make up tomato sauce separate, making it almost inedible.

7. Eggs

The cold temperature may make eggs expand and their shells explode.

Top Tips for Storing Food in Freezer

Now that you know some of the common items that should not be on the refrigerator food list for your freezer, here are some tips on storing food in your freezer.

  • Cool hot food before freezing. Hot food will raise the temperature of the freezer and defrost other items in the freezer.
  • Secure food with a wrap or place it in a container to avoid water from escaping.
  • When water escapes from your food, it becomes dehydrated and affects its flavors.
  • Label your food. When everything has been covered with frost, it may be difficult to tell which food is inside what container. Also, indicate when it was frozen, so you know whether it is still safe to consume or if you need to throw it away.
  • Use plastic bins to better organize your freezer. If you have a lot of items in your freezer, some items may be pushed deep into the back. When this happens, some items may be out of your attention until they are no longer consumable. Plastic bins allow you to pull out the bins quickly and easily audit your stocks.
  • Check expiration dates before freezing. Don’t waste valuable freezer storage with food items that are already beyond their best-before date.
  • Throw away food if you are unsure if they are still safe to eat. A freezer only prevents microorganisms from growing, but it does not kill what is already in your food.

Best Freezer Recommendations for Filipinos

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