Ways to Make Your Freezer Energy Efficient for Optimum Performance
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Ways to Make Your Freezer Energy Efficient for Optimum Performance

Published on January 21, 2022 • 7 minutes read
Freezer Maintenance Tips: Freezer Location

Is your freezer working optimally? As much as refrigerators and freezers have their own features to work hassle-free, you can’t just set the thermostat and hope that it would work efficiently. You have to maintain it to ensure its best condition at all times. Whether you use your freezer for your home-cooked meals or you have one for your small negosyo, constant refrigerator maintenance is important for it to function effectively. However, you don’t have to worry about complex maintenance routines. You can follow these five maintenance tips to ensure that your freezer is always in good shape.

5 Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

1. Clean the freezer regularly

To start, unplug the refrigerator and ensure that there is no frost build-up in the interior of the freezer. Use a clean damp rag and some dishwashing liquid. Make sure you clean the interior, exterior, and all the seals. If there are tough spills and stains, you can use a spray cleaner before using a deodorizer to remove any remaining odors. If you have a chest freezer, you may have to neutralize decaying smells. This is because some residue may have pooled at the bottom or at the corners. After cleaning with a damp rag and dishwashing liquid, place a bowl of baking soda inside and close the chest freezer. Let the baking soda sit for several hours. To eliminate even tougher smells, place a small bowl of activated charcoal. Close the lid and allow the chest freezer to run for a couple of hours. Aside from the interior, remember to clean the condenser coils at least once a year. If there is dust or other forms of residue on the coils, the engine will not run smoothly. A build-up of dust and residue means that the unit will have to work harder and use up more electricity. Move the freezer so you may reach the coils in the back. If the coils are located at the front, snap off the lower grill. You can clean the coils using a dry piece of cloth, or you may also use a vacuum. For tougher build-up, you may use a soft brush to remove dust, dirt, and even animal hair. Don’t use condensed air to blow away dust, because this can result in dust being crammed further into the coils, causing a blockage.

2. Defrost regularly

Some refrigerator freezers, like Condura No Frost refrigerators, have an automatic defrost system. But for most manual or semi-automatic freezers, manual defrost is needed to take care of frost build-up. To do this, take out all the food inside the freezer. Turn off the thermostat and unplug the unit. If your freezer has a drain, unplug the drain. Wait for all the ice to melt. You can use an electric fan to speed up this process, but make sure to never scrape away the ice. Once the frost has melted, you can wipe the freezer with a piece of cloth. Plug the unit once it’s dry. If you want to save time in doing this regular freezer check, consider having Condura Ultima No Frost Inverter Bottom Freezer.

3. Check your freezer’s location

Place your freezer only in an area with a stable temperature. Extreme changes in temperature will make your freezer work harder. Keep your unit away from appliances that emit heat such as stoves and dryers. Also, make sure that the freezer is away from direct sunlight. However, this doesn’t mean that freezers should be placed in areas with extremely low temperatures, either. Condenser coils emit heat, and they may not function well when placed in extremely cold places. Make sure that there is enough space for air to flow between the freezer and the wall. The coils may get damaged due to heat build-up when the warm air cannot flow out. A good rule is to place a freezer or refrigerator at least three inches away from the wall.

4. Check the thermostat and gasket regularly

Most freezers have a built-in thermostat. However, you can also use a thermometer to manually check the temperature inside. Set the controls and check for any fluctuations. If there are sudden changes in temperature, you should get your freezer professionally checked. Aside from the thermostat, also inspect the gasket or seal. Your freezer ensures that cold air stays inside while keeping warm air out. If the seal is broken, the air will leak and the temperature will fluctuate. This also means that the freezer will use up more electricity to maintain its temperature. If you notice any leaks, get the gasket replaced immediately. If you need professional help in checking your Condura refrigerators, we have experts to help you! Book a service now.

5. Keep the freezer at least half-full

This may seem counterintuitive but having food inside the freezer helps stabilize the temperature and lowers energy consumption. It’s recommended to always keep your freezer at least half-full. When there is food inside, the freezer maintains its temperature more efficiently than with only air and frost. Aside from food items, you can also use the following items to fill the refrigerator:


This may not be a popular choice, but a newspaper is one of the simplest options you may have on hand. What you can do is move your food items towards the outer sides of the freezer. Afterward, crumple the newspaper pages and stuff them in the spaces inside.

Reusable plastic containers

If you’ve been having a lot of food delivered and don’t know what to do with the containers, then fret not! You can fill these tubs with water, close the lid, and then place them inside the freezer. You can stack them up like building blocks to minimize the empty space. These are not only easy to take in and out, but you can also place them in the smaller gaps in a partially stocked fridge.

Take note!

When filling your freezer for energy efficiency, remember to defrost and dry the freezer first before stacking fridge fillers. Next, move the food items towards the front and sides so they can be more accessible. Afterward, fill the interior central cavity with the fillers or non-food items that you would like to use. Make sure that you leave enough air and space around the edges and top. This is so that the freezer’s thermostat can better sense the temperature.

Other Ways to Make your Freezer More Energy Efficient

Improve your refrigerator’s energy efficiency with these tips:

1. Don’t put hot food straight into the freezer.

Remember to let hot food cool a bit before placing them inside your freezer. Putting hot food inside makes the freezer work harder. When you allow the items to cool down naturally, your freezer will use up less electricity.

2. Don’t leave the freezer and refrigerator doors open.

The rule is: peek, grab, and close. Make sure to always know where to find the items that you need so that you can quickly get them. Don’t leave the doors open as more cold air will escape, and more warm air will flow in. This will also make your appliance work harder and will lead to higher energy bills.

3. Always check the refrigerator temperature.

Regularly check your freezer’s temperature. If your unit doesn’t have a thermostat, you can use a thermometer. Freezers are usually set at -18ºC. If the temperature is too cold, then you are wasting electricity. If it’s too warm, then your food may spoil faster. Also bear in mind that your freezer may need to work harder during the summer season.

4. Check for frost build-up

Always keep an eye for frost build-up. Make sure that you regularly defrost if your freezer requires manual defrosting. The more frost your freezer has, the more electricity it consumes. If the ice inside is already more than 1cm thick, then you need to defrost the freezer. You can also opt for a no frost type of freezers such as Condura Negosyo No Frost Inverter Pro Refrigerator for business and Prima No Frost Inverter Refrigerator for home use. These refrigerators have an Air Vacation Mode that automatically turns the freezer on and off—preventing frost build-up.

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