Diskarteng Pinoy Tips: Steps to A More Organized Refrigerator
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Diskarteng Pinoy Tips: Steps to A More Organized Refrigerator

Published on October 06, 2021 • 5 minutes read
Organized refrigerator

Having an organized refrigerator is truly a homemaker’s dream. There’s more to organizing your fridge than just the aesthetics of it. For one, an organized refrigerator improves visibility, so you easily know what item you have and what you don’t. Second, doesn’t it just feel great to arrange things in your fridge to keep it neat and pleasing to the eyes? These are just a few of the many perks of having your fridge organized. Know more storage hacks from the trusted refrigerator provider in the Philippines, Condura.

What to Prepare Before Organizing Your Refrigerator

Before you put your organizational skills to the test, remember that you should clean and disinfect your fridge as the very first step. Defrost your refrigerator and wipe each section with a disinfecting cleaner and a damp cloth, that way you are certain that you are storing your food in a sanitized refrigerator. Clean the exterior of your ref too. If you have a black glass door refrigerator like the Condura Home Ultima No Frost Inverter Multidoor, Side-by-Side Refrigerator, or Bottom Freezer, using a microfiber cloth and wiping it one direction can do the trick. You can also use any glass cleaner when cleaning the exterior of your fridge to keep it spick-and-span. If you already have a vision of how you want your refrigerator to be organized, then reassemble the shelves as needed. This will help you measure how many items you can store and will give you a better idea if you would be needing additional storage bins for your food items. For Pinoy households who have numerous members storing their favorite food items inside the refrigerator, it’s important to know a few tips and tricks in cleaning the refrigerator and kitchen space. Read more tips on Refrigerator-Friendly Cleaning Solutions here.

Why Should You Organize Your Refrigerator?

Having a well-maintained refrigerator inside and outside can be beneficial for your household. If you are running a business like a mini grocery store or home-business like a sari- sari store, organizing your fridge and utilizing its space to its maximum potential is crucial for energy-efficiency and reduced power consumption. Having an organized fridge helps in keeping tabs on what products are available and what products are needed, and what products are about to expire. Taking note of these things can easily save you frequent trips to the grocery and even avoid purchasing food items that you still have at home. All those benefits just by simply organizing your fridge!

How to Effectively Organize Your Refrigerator

Let’s get organized! Different kinds of food should be stored in the upper shelves, lower shelves, doors, and drawers of the refrigerator. Upper shelves are the best place for leftovers, drinks, and ready-to-eat food items such as yogurt and cheese. Utilize your lower shelves for raw ingredients like packaged raw meat, which should be stored at the lowest shelf. This way, you avoid cross-contamination with prepared food. You can also put your milk on the lower shelf. Use the crisp drawers to store your fruits and vegetables. The door side is the warmest part of the refrigerator, so condiments, sauces and other less-perishable items are the perfect candidates to house in this area. Condiments are among the food items that you use frequently so by placing them at the door side, you don’t need to look for them among the shelves when you need them, and you don’t have to keep the fridge door open for long. Another thing that you can do is to use containers such as stackable food storage organizers to maximize the space and to avoid spillage. You might find this a bit of a daunting task but using these organization ideas will help food last a little longer and will save you a lot of money and time.

Diskarte Tips for An Organized Fridge

Filipinos are naturally madiskarte. So, if Pinoys could apply this trait in organizing their homes, the kitchen might be one of the first places that need to be seen. There are many ways to optimize refrigerator space and we at Condura will provide storage solutions to help you start. As a trusted brand of Filipinos for over 30 years, Condura refrigerators offer a wide selection of types and designs that perfectly suit the madiskarteng Pinoy lifestyle.

  • Take inventory and label everything It’s one thing to organize your ref, it’s another to keep it organized. Having a list of the things you have in your fridge will help you keep tabs on your supplies. Labeling things, especially those that we put in jars and containers (or empty ice cream trays), will help you easily identify products, so you don’t have to spend much time looking through what is what. If you have kids and you place their snacks in labeled containers inside the fridge, this can teach them discipline on where to get it and where to put it back.
  • Ask for a little storage help Extra storage bins, containers, jars and baskets can be a really great addition to organizing your refrigerator especially if you are grouping an assortment of shapes and sizes. Transparent ones will help you with product visibility even without labels so you might want to consider getting those. You can transfer leftovers or even raw meat in glass food containers for better storage. For condiments, consider getting a Lazy Susan. You can maximize refrigerator space and keep everything in easy reach especially if you tend to use many sauces when you cook or eat.
  • The paper towel trick Your crisp drawer has the potential to be the most unpleasant place to clean in your refrigerator. To avoid that, place a layer of paper towels at the bottom of the drawer before loading them with fruits and veggies. The paper towel will collect those little bits that tend to fall off over time. Make sure you replace the paper towel layer every two weeks.

Best Refrigerators for the Pinoy Home

Whether you are a large family or if you frequently have parties and get-togethers at home just like how Filipino families are, Condura’s Home Ultima refrigerators are the perfect addition to your home. Showcase your organizing skills with the Home Ultima No Frost Inverter Multidoor and the No Frost Inverter Side by Side. It has ample storage space and even a low temperature sterilization, which protects food from bacteria pollutants. If you tend to put more items in your freezer, you might consider the No Frost Inverter Bottom Freezer. It’s equipped with a -25°C ultrafreeze technology that rapidly cools the freezer to help retain food nutrition. These Home Ultima units feature a Flexifresh Zone Strategy Technology that helps maximize storage of crisper and chiller according to the needs of food storage. This is very ideal for your vegetables and fruits to preserve their freshness. The best part is that the Home Ultima series has an extensive warranty, making your purchase an investment worth your money. Maintaining an organized refrigerator is not difficult. Simply arranging your food items by section will already help in preventing cross-contamination and even boost the refrigerator’s cooling efficiency. If you organize and clean your refrigerator regularly, you will be surprised with how much faster and easier cooking can be because you know exactly where things are placed. Browse our Condura website for refrigerator prices or checkout at Condura Partner Online Stores such as Lazada and Shopee. Get your trusted refrigerator brand in the Philippines today!