Know When To Repair or To Replace Your Refrigerator
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Know When To Repair or To Replace Your Refrigerator

Published on November 11, 2021 • 5 minutes read
Refrigerator repair and replacement

In every household, there comes a time when refrigerators start breaking down after years of usage, which begs the question if you should replace it or should you have it repaired? That decision rests on multiple factors such as your freezer’s age, the gravity of damage, and your personal needs. A refrigerator usually lasts a household an average of 13 years, but some last longer than that. If you’re planning to repair or replace your refrigerator, here are some tips from the proudly Filipino refrigerator brand Condura.

Refrigerator Replacement

For Filipinos, durability is one of the essential features a refrigerator should have. Refrigerators operate 24/7 and there's a higher chance of getting damaged easily, the upkeep is slightly different from other home appliances. If you have had your fridge for 10 to 15 years, it's time to consider a replacement, mainly if it's affecting food quality during storage. If your refrigerator is hissing, sweating, or leaking repeatedly, consider a repair first. The repair crew can also advise you if the damage is far too massive, and replacing your fridge would save you more money. Your budget for either repair or replacement plays a vital role because refrigerators have a heftier price tag than other appliances. To avoid repair or even replacement, you should know how to prolong your unit's life expectancy and functionality. For one, you should keep your refrigerator out of direct sunlight and away from heat-producing appliances like microwaves. You should also make sure that you clean your refrigerator at least once a month to ensure its optimal operation. Ensure that the coils, door seals, and drips are clean as well. Lastly, ensure that your refrigerator is positioned a few inches away from the wall to prevent damage to the insulation.

Refrigerator Repair

A lot of Filipinos rely on repairing things before replacing them. It's part of what makes them madiskarte, and repairing refrigerators is not an exception. Fridge repair will not cost you so much compared to buying a new one most of the time. One common problem for refrigerators is their cooling capacity. If you notice an issue of this sort with your fridge, then call the repairman immediately. Most brands have a designated repair crew for their items for their customer's convenience. That's why a warranty is your best friend when it comes to repairs. Before considering a replacement or spending money for repair, check if the warranty is still active or if you have an extended warranty, which usually includes service. Condura offers a very extensive warranty for its refrigerators with a 10-year compressor warranty, as well as a 3-year warranty on labor and parts on most of its units. Book a service now and check the refrigerator repair service near me. Definitely value for your money!

What to Consider When Deciding to Repair or Replace Your Refrigerator

It's essential to consider many factors to know whether you'll need to have your fridge repaired or when it's time to buy a new one. Refrigerator Age - Remember that the longer you have had your refrigerator, there's a potentially higher bill when it comes to repairing costs. One basic rule you can go by is that if your fridge is less than 8 years old, consider repair, but you can opt for a replacement if your fridge is more than 15 years old. If your unit falls between 8 to 15 years old, assess the need based on other factors. Refrigerator Type - Not all refrigerators are the same. Some require higher maintenance than others. Whether you use the fridge for your household or your small business, you should research or ask about its care to make sure that you save on repair costs and even a potential replacement. One guide you can use is this:

  • Top freezer refrigerators should be checked for repairments every 3 years and are advisable to be replaced within a 10-year window at most.
  • Side-by-side refrigerators should be repaired within a 5-year window.
  • Bottom freezer refrigerators should be considered to be fixed within 7 years, or you can also consider a replacement after that.

Energy Efficiency - Many old refrigerators consume twice the energy as new refrigerators. Energy efficiency has been a trending selling point among home appliances now, especially since Filipinos continue to find ways to save up on electricity bills. If your fridge contributes a large sum to those monthly Meralco bills, it might be time to look for an upgrade that can cut costs for your home. Functionality - Refrigerators aren't meant to last forever in your household, no matter how durable they are. Typically, refrigerators get damaged the longer you use them. If you notice your fridge overheating or if the freezer is running too cold, it's best to have it repaired initially. However, if problems with compressor performance persist and lead to food items in your fridge getting spoiled, it would be wise to get a new fridge.

Calling Refrigerator Repair Experts

Choosing a company with a reputation for manufacturing high-quality refrigerators like Condura will benefit you in the long run. Condura has been in the business for over 30 years of making the best Filipino refrigerators suited for every Filipino home or business. Fixing fridges might not be the best activity to do on your own and the best left to accredited repair people. Aside from offering extensive warranties among its refrigerators, Condura also provides repair services for your units. Remember that a person should repair refrigerators under warranty under the accredited service of the brand. Otherwise, there's a risk of the warranty getting void. Check Condura's repair services to know how to register your unit and avail services for an affordable rate. You can also explore our book a service page to find the refrigerator repair shops near you.

The Best Condura Refrigerators for You

A refrigerator is an investment you always want to get right. Do your research and weigh in all pros and cons with your options before purchasing a replacement. Despite many foreign brands in the market, Condura offers appliances that best suit Filipinos because Condura knows what the Filipinos need. Homemakers and small business owners can benefit from the Negosyo No Frost Inverter Pro Refrigerator. It features a Double Cooling Technology that prevents the mixing of food flavors and odors. Best of all, this unit can cost you as low as Php7.36 per day. Imagine the huge savings in the long run! The Condura Home Prima No Frost Inverter Refrigerator can save you up to 20% of energy consumption. It features a crisper with humidity control that offers a more environment-friendly and efficient cooling performance. This is perfect for your growing family. Filipinos traditionally love family gatherings, so if you love to cook or buy groceries in bulk, the Condura Ultima No Frost Inverter Multi-Door or Side-by-Side may suit your family's needs. The unit has ample storage space and a -25°C ultrafreeze technology that rapidly cools the freezer to help retain food nutrition. What's more is that Condura refrigerators use LED lighting, which emits less heat and is more energy-efficient and durable than traditional lighting. Visit Condura's website to know more about the refrigerator for sale in the Philippines. Buying Condura appliances has never been easier because of its availability through dealer partners online like LazMall, Shopee Mall, Abenson, and Anson's. Condura is open to serving and attending to inquiries and requests via Condura Service Platforms: Messenger https:/ and hotline (02) 8863-5555.