Best Negosyo Refrigerator Shopping Tips You Should Know

Best Negosyo Refrigerator Shopping Tips You Should Know

Published on February 19, 2021 • 4 minutes read
Negosyo Refrigerator Shopping Tips

Finding the right fridge for your business needs requires a lot of research. You want to invest in a ref that could help you generate profit for your business in terms of keeping your food items fresh and providing maximum storage for your products. Before purchasing a refrigerator, ask yourself first what items will you be primarily selling? The answer to that question can lead you to the ideal fridge for your business. Second, factor your business type in the equation. Do you own a cafeteria? Then you might also need a beverage chiller aside from a ref. For over 30 years now, Condura has been providing durable and energy efficient appliances that caters to not just Filipino households but small business owners too. Its range of refrigerators are perfect for every type of business. It’s also the first brand to provide its negosyo partners with warranty that covers the usage of its products for business purposes. Here are a few negosyo-friendly Condura refrigerators that you can use for your business:

Sari-sari stores

Sari-sari stores are embedded in the Filipino culture. Every Filipino has their suking tindahan and for you to be that, it’s important to have a good ref as a partner. The Negosyo Inverter Pro could be a great option for you. The unit comes with a two-door or single-door variant, which is perfect if you are still starting with your business venture. The two-door unit provides maximum storage for your products and has adjustable and tiltable wire shelves to prevent bottled drinks from falling. It also has a designated bottle rack, which could store up to 4 pieces of 1.5-liter soda bottles. The 8.7 cu. ft and 9.8 cu. ft. variants can store up to 20 tubs of 1.5 liters of icre cream in the freezer so storage for your stocks will never be a problem with this ref. Another option for you is the Negosyo No Frost Inverter Pro. It has a double cooling technology which prevents mixing of odors and flavors. This is perfect if you also sell packed meals or ulam and store them before delivery. It also has a deodorizer that eliminates bacteria and an anti-bacterial gasket that prevents bacterial build-up. Both the Inverter Pro and the No Frost Inverter Pro comes with a 10-year warranty for its compressor, a solid deal for any sari-sari store owner.

Mini grocery store or convenience store

Mini groceries and convenience stores in the Philippines are your go-to place for your small-scale food shopping since they are more accessible than supermarkets. Aside from condiments, frozen meat and chips, customers tend to buy ice cream at mini grocery stores too to bring home to the family so it’s vital that you have a durable freezer for frozen items. Condura’s Negosyo Chest Freezer’s 3-in-1 function (Freezing, Chilling and Fast-Freezing) might be what your store needs. It comes in four sizes (5.0 cu. ft, 7.0 cu. ft., 8.8 cu. ft. and 10 cu. ft.) and is the perfect appliance if you are still starting with your business. You can also opt for the Negosyo Chest Freezer Inverter Pro for that Fast Freezing mode upgrade. It’s equipped with inverter technology that reduces energy consumption and save you on monthly bills. The Chest Freezer and Chest Freezer Inverter Pro features sliding glass doors that keep food items frozen even with constant door opening and a removable wire basket, which is ideal place for ice cream sold in cups or in packs. The removable rack lets you maximize your freezer space because you can easily store packed ice cubes or ice cream tubs at the bottom. It also has a four-wheel roller for easy mobility. So during the summer season, you can put your freezer in front of your store to entice customers with frozen treats to beat the summer heat. If your store sells more frozen food products, it might be best for you to invest in the Negosyo Inverter Upright Freezer Pro for those deeper shelves to store more stocks of frozen products. It has a 10-year warranty for its compressor, a 3-year warranty for system parts and labor, 1-year warranty for its inverter board. Condura even offers a 3-month warranty on the unit’s plastic parts.

Canteen, cafeteria or carinderia

Selling bottled beverages or canned juices in your canteen or cafeteria business is a good source of additional profit for you so you might benefit from a good beverage Condura cooler. The Negosyo Chiller Pro is the perfect storage for those because it can store up to 336 soda cans. It has an anti-moist glass door so you don’t need to worry about wiping moisture build-up. It also has an auto-defrost system and a huge drain pan for easy cleaning and mess-free maintenance. For additional revenue, you can also sell cold desserts like coffee jelly, mango graham float, buko pandan salad and many more. The Negosyo Chiller Pro can maintain those sweet treats well-chilled thanks to its Powercool System. This unit also has more wire shelves with runners designed for easier loading and unloading. Its 5-year compressor warranty is also a dealbreaker for your small business. Coffee shops and milk tea stores can also use the Negosyo Chiller Pro to promote their ready-to-drink beverage or freshly baked cakes. It’s worth noting that all of Condura’s refrigerators, freezer, and chiller units are equipped with LED lights which emits less heat and are more energy efficient, allowing business owners to save on their electricity bills— a clear indication that Condura aims to be part of your negosyo journey. Condura goes beyond catering your appliance needs for your business, it also aims to help you build and even sustain your business by providing tips on planning your business, supplier sourcing and even offering a step-by-step guide on how to register your business or expand your negosyo. The brand stands by its goal to be your trusted negosyo partner that helps you in building your business with less worries. Visit Condura’s negosyo page for more information.