Hottest Business Ideas for the Summer!

It’s almost summertime again! As most of us have spent the past year indoors, a lot of people say that the months seem to have gone by quite quickly. However, this doesn’t mean that there are fewer opportunities for you to start your new negosyo. Here are five business ideas that you can start from your home that will surely turn into great sources of additional income.

5 Business Ideas You Can Try

Summer Business

  1. Homemade Ice Cream
    Starting an ice cream business is a great way to take advantage of the beginning of summer. Everybody loves to eat ice cream, especially on hot days. People of all ages love sweet and cold desserts. What better way to spend summer than with a scoop of soft ice cream, with a rich flavor that just melts in the mouth?

    The good thing is that homemade ice cream is easy to make. You can even ensure that your business stands out by incorporating assorted flavors and variants, such as local fruits and nuts. These not only make your ice cream more delicious but also make it more nutritious.

    There are many easy-to-follow homemade ice cream recipes on the internet. The important thing to note, however, is that having the right commercial refrigerator is essential. The temperature of the ice cream should be regulated throughout the creation process, particularly during chilling and freezing.

    The ingredients are simple and affordable. All you’d need are eggs, sugar, milk, cornstarch, salt, and some whipped cream. You can then add fruits and flavoring, depending on the type that you’d like to make.

  2. Cakes and Pastries
    Creating customized cakes and pastries is another sure-fire way to earn additional income. As most are staying home, people are looking for ways to spice up their celebrations. If you have a talent for baking, then you can offer custom-made bento cakes and pastries for birthdays, weddings, and other occasions.

    You should find the best recipes if you still don’t have some on hand. The important thing is that you know how to decorate your desserts so that you can transform them into something memorable. Find the right toppings, such as icing, fruits, candies, and other types of frosting.

    However, this also means that you need to have the best refrigerator for business to ensure that your designs will last. Otherwise, your customers might be disappointed to see only melted frosting all over the surface.

  3. Home-Cooked Meals
    Not everyone has the time to make their food, especially today when most of us are slowly returning to our offices. Take advantage of this demand by offering ready-to-eat meals. Come up with a menu, cook from your home, and freeze the orders. Many people would like the convenience of having someone to call for ready-made meals.

    Traditional Filipino food, or lutong bahay, is always a good business to start. Many are looking for options outside of the usual fast-food joints. This type of business is also easy enough to establish, especially if you already know a lot of home recipes.

    Take advantage of social media and mobile delivery apps for everyone to see. Join online groups so you can share your menu. As long as you have the drive, you’ll never run out of customers.

    Cooked meals business ideas for summer

  4. Smoked Meat
    Some are looking for smoked meat for various occasions. If you have the tools and the patience, you can brine the meat and roast it slowly over embers. This type of business will bring a lot of income, as you can price your products significantly higher. Cater to those who are willing to pay for “low and slow” roasted meat.

    You also just must set aside a couple of days a week to prepare your products. After preparing the meat, you can roast it for the entire day and then vacuum-seal after cooling. You can store them in a negosyo refrigerator or freezer while waiting for the orders to come. With the many options for delivery services within and outside of the Metro, you can deliver your smoked meat at the click of a button. Although this small business may require more skills and equipment, selling smoked meat can be a lucrative business since you’ll have lesser competitors.

  5. Pinoy Frozen Desserts
    Since summer is already here, why not go for traditional Filipino desserts? You can create custom ice candy with different delightful flavors. Try durian, langka, mangosteen, and even gatas ng kalabaw. This way, you can tap into everyone’s inner kid while serving something new.

    You can also offer desserts for the family, such as fruit salad. Just like with ice candy, you can customize your menu and add new fruits to shake things up a bit. Check the fruits that are in season this summer and see if you can experiment with ones that are not traditionally part of Pinoy-style fruit salad.

    Of course, you can also go with old recipes. You can offer buko pandan, samalamig, and pudding.

    The variations and options are endless. All you need is creativity, grit, and the desire to make people happy.

Choose the Best Refrigerator for Your New Negosyo

Whichever new negosyo you intend to start, make sure that you get the best refrigerator for small businesses in the Philippines as your partner. There may be different freezers and chillers in the market, but you should opt for one that will help your business grow and will provide the most cost-effective long-term solutions. You can also start with a Home Ultima 2-door refrigerator to cater to your home and business needs.

Continue to remain driven as you start your new business, and make sure to partner with the best: Condura. Condura freezers and refrigerators are the only ones valid for negosyo use, with a Real Negosyo Warranty.

With Condura, you will proudly and confidently say, “Iba and Pinoy!” and watch as your business flourishes! Visit our website for details and refrigerator prices in the Philippines or check our partner stores such as Shopee and Lazada for promos!




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