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Commercial Freezer

If you are running a food business, be it one you are operating in your home or an already established one, the type of refrigerator you need to store your food inventory should be different from a ref made specifically for home use. What is the difference between a refrigerator for business and one for home? One main difference is the storage space, as a commercial ref provides more storage. After all, you would want to have as much space as possible for your ingredients and finished products to ensure enough supply for customers’ demands.

The kind of food storage to buy for your business would also depend on how you want to use it. You can go with a one- or two-door ref, chiller, or freezer.

Discover Refrigerators and Freezers for Business

1. Two-Door Refrigerators

A two-door ref is better for businesses that need some of their items kept at a colder temperature than their other items as it has its own door for the freezer. Though some single-door refrigerators also have a freezer, the frequent opening and closing of its door can affect the temperature in the freezer. This problem can be avoided if the refrigerator freezer is made of aluminum, which keeps items colder than a regular plastic freezer. When going to an appliance store, ask about Negosyo refrigerators as these are specifically made for business owners. They are built to meet the demanding requirements of businesses and offer a better warranty.

2. Upright Chillers

An upright glass door chiller is great for items that need to be displayed for customers, like beverages or cakes. For business owners, it also saves electricity because you can see the items right away, preventing unnecessary opening and closing of the unit. A common problem with chillers is the moist build-up on the glass door, which requires frequent wiping, but some chillers have anti-condensation or anti-moisture fans under the glass door that prevents moisture. Another feature to look for in a chiller is the cooling performance. A drink is more refreshing when served ice cold. Look for chillers with a compressor that cools up to 9 times faster than those with a regular compressor. Also, it is important to check the condenser and evaporator. These are often hidden, but some chillers have them exposed, which allows faster cooling.

3. Freezers

If your business is growing and the freezer inside your upright cooler or chiller can no longer accommodate your items, it may be time for you to upgrade to an upright or chest-type commercial freezer. A common question by first-time freezer owners often involves electricity consumption. No need to worry as, for example, a cubic feet chest freezer can cost you as low as P11.24 per day only, as long as you find the right one. Features that are nice to have in such a freezer are wire baskets to better organize your products and an LED light so you can see items faster.

Also look for one with a removable gasket, which is the rubber gasket attached to the edges of the freezer’s door. The gasket keeps the inside of the freezer air-tight when closed, keeping items inside cold as they should be. However, due to normal wear and tear, the gasket is prone to damage. A removable gasket can easily be replaced, so you can replace it when it needs a new one instead of suffering the consequences of a freezer with a broken gasket.

If you want bang for your buck, go for a chest freezer with three-in-one functions: chiller, freezer, and fast freezing. You can store soft drinks and beer while also using it for ice cream and items that need to get cool fast like meat products.

Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers Options

Best Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer Recommendations

Managing a business can be really tough, so you want to avoid problems as much as possible. Your ref, chiller, or freezer should be the least of your concerns, so from the get-go, be sure to get a unit that can keep up with your business’ growth. Remember the factors above to ensure you have the best commercial refrigerator, chiller, or freezer so you can keep cool while running your business.




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