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Rainy day laundry hacks to keep your hamper light

Published on October 25, 2023 • 3 minutes read

We all love waking up to a rainy morning because of the cold climate, until we are met with the circumstances of getting drenched in the rain, being forced to cancel plans, and the most relatable of them all, dealing with the smell of damp or wet clothes. Truth be told, the way your clothes look, and smell can affect your mood in the morning. For one, it makes you lose your confidence, making you uncomfortable throughout the day.

To prevent this predicament from happening during a rainy day, Condura listed down some effective hacks to keep your clothes clean and fresh smelling using your laundry appliance at home.

Wash Dirty Clothes Immediately

On a rainy day, it's best to not let your laundry accumulate, even when you're battling laziness. Trust us, tackling your laundry in smaller batches is more efficient than dealing with a towering mountain of clothes that take longer to dry. If you're worried about the energy cost, there's no need! the top load washing machine from Condura has a Quick Wash Function designed for smaller laundry loads, and it's cost-effective at only P0.35 per wash.

Use a Scented Detergent

Thanks to the pioneers of scented detergents, people now have a weapon to ensure that no lingering odor will be left on clothes. With a plethora of fragrances to choose from, you just need to handpick the one that fits your taste.

Iron Away the Moisture

Let's say you put in a comforter, and as you were folding it, you noticed that it wasn't completely dry. Don't panic! All you have to do is iron out the damp area to prevent it from having an unpleasant odor. This rule also applies to other fabrics, in case you're wondering.

Deodorize Your Washer

If the weather forecast says that it's going to be a rainy week, get ahead of the curve and prepare your washer by deodorizing it. If you have a front-load washing machine, you can simply add baking soda and set the machine to "normal wash" to soak up any foul smell, leaving the drum clean for the next wash.

Patiently Wait for the Clothes to Dry

When your laundry day doesn't align with the weather, the most taxing chore is finding ways to dry the clothes completely. As Filipinos, we're very resourceful. Some use electric fans, while others put it in front of an AC to dry. Nonetheless, it will take time, so you must be patient. Unless your automatic washing machine has a dryer and washer function like the front load inverter from Condura. It'll make your laundry journey time-efficient, no matter what the weather is.

The rainy season in the Philippines usually starts in June and ends in November, so whenever this season comes, gear up and prepare yourself for the laundry challenge. But of course, all this will be like a walk in the park if you have a dependable washer that'll keep the load light.

For more laundry hacks and information about Condura appliances, head to our website and scroll through our innovations engineered for Filipinos' needs.