5 Bad Effect of Not Using Your Ref with Utmost Care

5 Bad Effect of Not Using Your Ref with Utmost Care

Published on October 27, 2020 • 4 minutes read
5 Bad Effect of Not Using Your Ref with Utmost Care

Your refrigerator is your best friend – it keeps your drinks cold, your food preserved, and your produce fresh. One can only do so much in taking care of it and cleaning it from time to time, as a simple act of wiping all the layers and keeping all the compartments neat can go a long way. But what can happen inside it when you keep on overlooking its well-being? Check out the list below!

Your freezer has started to become an extension of Antarctica

Freezers bring in the coldness, which is expected of them, but they tend to whip up a frost that’s very hard to work with. Not only does the ice take up a lot of space, but it also renders the freezing moot –as the freezer would focus on keeping the ice crystals frozen instead of the food you have inside of it. It is pretty counter-intuitive if you ask me, and a total pain to defrost and remove. It’s a cycle to live with until you get yourself one of the fancier no-frost freezers due to the refrigerator unit having an inverter. Avoid this by limiting the amount of time the freezer is open, and don’t leave it too empty.

You find food from months ago that are suspiciously still okay

You can blame yourself for stocking up on snacks and viands. Sometimes, you just go a little bit too far and end up keeping more than you could consume. This results in some items being forgotten about as new products get stored in front of them -rendering them hidden from anyone’s line of sight. Once you get to re-encounter them again after quite some time, it can only go 2 ways: 1) they would either be having their ecosystem within their containers as they grow mold and mushrooms, or 2) they would suspiciously still look okay but taste is different.. The lack of change in color, size, texture, and smell easily makes the product still seem edible and viable for use, but the length of time it had been inside the refrigerator says otherwise. The wisest thing to do would be to rely on the old saying: “When in doubt, throw it out!” You might also manage this by making sure you do keep the food in the fridge with “Keep refrigerated” labels.

You may have some strong-smelling food inside your ref and now it’s starting to smell inside the entire unit

This is a common problem with most fridges that carry several items that have rather strong smells. A fan cannot easily take it out, as the odor tends to stick to things around it. Your best bet here would be to have some activated carbon lying in a silent corner of the refrigerator. Baking soda would work too, but the thing that makes miracles here is activated carbon. May it be grilling coal or aquarium briquettes, it would easily work up a charming ad get rid of that stench.

Your food suddenly tastes like bleach and detergent because you keep using bleach and detergent to clean your ref

It’s never nice to encounter food that tastes like cleaning materials when you’re at your hungriest. Imagine biting into that leftover cold pizza, but instead of cold cheese and tomato sauce, you get the vibe of a flowery detergent instead. That’s just sad. The thing is that cleaners such as bleach and detergent tend to have compounds that attribute to its fresh and flowery scent. Sadly, this compound sticks to the ref and eventually to the food which makes it such horror and a bother to occur inside your beloved refrigerator. No one likes their food to taste like chemicals! A simple solution for this would be to clean with neutral smelling soapy water or a mix of warm water with baking soda instead. That would easily get the job done and it would leave no smell inside your refrigerator.

Your condenser coils may not be working since it’s filled with dust and webs

Remember seeing those scenes in films where a character would go into a room filled with so much dust and webs? They’re crowded as they go through the room and that they keep getting tangled up into a big spider-ey mess! The same logic works for your condenser coils that try their hardest in keeping the temperatures low inside your refrigerator. Give them a little breathing room and dust them up from time to time to make sure they’re working at their most optimal condition for your inverter. Besides, you don’t want that breaking up and giving you more trouble in the future. That’s easily a big dent to your wallet and the repair would be a hassle! Home service might be easy, but what if you have to directly take it to the shop? So better you prevent things to break earlier than to fix it when it’s broken! We’re not the Ghostbusters nor are we the Winchester brothers, but we hope we got to help you get rid of the stranger things inside your refrigerator. A little clean up from time to time will not hurt and it’d easily ensure you that nothing that bumps in the night inside your refrigerator! With Condura refrigerators, you can easily ease your way out of some of the problems mentioned above. For one, the inverter technology offers a no-frost system. The compartment and runners included also offer a lot of space. Condura continues to be the brand of choice for Filipino families, thanks to its resilience and affordability.