Diskarteng Pinoy: Your Guide to AC Products

Diskarteng Pinoy: Your Guide to AC Products

Published on June 06, 2023 • 2 minutes read
Diskarteng Pinoy: Your Guide to AC Products

Air conditioning has become a necessity for every family in the Philippines. Considering the hot weather and extreme humidity, it’s hard to imagine surviving the heatwave without an AC. In fact, bearing the heat could be harmful to one’s health as it could lead to heat stroke, hyperthermia, and many more.

To prevent this, it’s important that you pick the right air conditioner for you and your loved ones. By ‘right,’ we mean a reliable, durable, and perfect-fit AC that suits your needs. To cut it short, there are two main types of AC that you could choose from: a split-type and a window-type air conditioner unit. While both units diligently fulfill their functions, each provides a unique solution depending on your needs and preferences. To know exactly what we’re talking about, keep reading!

Split-Type Air Conditioners 

In this modern day, many people choose the highwall or split-type AC for rooms without a provision or hole for a window-type unit. In a way, it’s also a space- saver, as it won’t be an obstruction. This and a lot more benefits are coming your way when you own a high-wall AC. For complete details on its advantages, click here to enhance your knowledge about split-type air conditioners! 

Window Air Conditioners

Window-type air conditioners, on the other side of the coin, lean towards a more traditional option. To put it simply, it’s easier to install, cheaper, and easier to maintain. If you’re looking for an inverter air conditioner that requires no extra installation cost, you can rely on Condura, as we offer this technology in some of our window AC units as well.  

For those of you who are rushing to purchase an air conditioner due to the intense heat, make sure that you read this guide to buying an AC to ensure that you’ll make a worthy investment. And of course, when it comes to your air quality needs, you can trust Condura to be your partner in keeping your family safe and comfortable.