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The Condura Way: Refrigerator Care Essentials

Published on August 18, 2020 • 4 minutes read
The Condura Way: Refrigerator Care Essentials

The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in the house. It runs continually to help maintain the freshness of your food and prevent them from spoiling. It is also quite expensive, so it is vital to keep it in good shape. Taking good care of your refrigerator may help you save energy and from expensive repairs. Proper maintenance and cleaning procedures can also preserve the life of your fridge. So, by performing these simple tasks, you can keep your fridge running in many years.

Clean the coils Coils can be seen either at the back of the fridge or below it. Obviously, because of its location, it can’t be prevented from having dust and other stuff sticking in your coils. These foreign objects on the coils can cause your refrigerator to work harder--meaning, it could increase the amount of energy consumption and shorten its life expectancy. You can use coil cleaning tools like a brush and vacuum to remove the unwanted object on the coil. Also, you should clean the condenser fan (fridges with coils at the back don’t have a fan), too, and the area around it. The fan helps to circulate air across the coils to make them cool. It may stop working if there’s dirt or other materials sucked into the fan. Remember to clean it twice a year or more often if you have pets because their shedded fur may clog up the coils fast. Wipe the door gaskets It is essential to also clean the door gaskets of your refrigerator. It keeps the fridge and freezer sealed to prevent the cool air from coming out. Jelly, syrup, or other sticky stuff can dry and glue the gasket to the door frame, making it susceptible to tear when you open the fridge. You may use warm water and sponge for cleaning, but don’t use detergent as it can damage your gasket. If it has cracks or it’s deteriorated, you should replace it to avoid any problems in your refrigerator. Maintain the temperature Set the right temperature on your fridge keeping it between 37 and 40°F and the freezer section should be at 0 degrees. You may also purchase an inexpensive refrigerator thermometer to make sure that your fridge or freezer is cooling correctly. This will help your fridge to run more efficiently and reduce your energy consumption. Change the filters If your fridge has an ice maker or water dispenser, make sure that the water filter is changed regularly. Replace the filter every six months or as recommended on your refrigerator owner’s manual. Keeping your filters changed will help you have a clean ice maker and water dispenser. Keep the doors closed after use Sure, your mother asked you to close the refrigerator door because it’s the best way to ensure proper fridge maintenance. Warm air gets in and cold air will come out which can have an effect on your food and electric bill. The refrigerator has to work harder in order to maintain the correct temperature if you frequently open the door, so think about the items that you need out of the fridge and the things that you need to retrieve to avoid future problems. Fill the fridge You don’t want to overcrowd your fridge or freezer, but it is important to keep it full to help the unit cool better. Refrigerators also need thermal mass to maintain a low temperature, so you may keep cool foods and drinks in your fridge to help absorb warm air that enters when you open the door.

Cooldown hot items It is important to know that you must not put hot food in your refrigerator. It will make the appliance work harder to stabilize. In order to cut down the warm air inside, allow your food to cool at room temperature first before storing them inside the fridge. Check the level The level of your fridge has also a bad effect leading to energy loss. Non-leveled refrigerators may not close the door properly--that cool air may come out and warm air in. It is important to check it, and if necessary, adjust the fridge's feet by hand until the unit is even on all sides. Store the food properly Storing the food properly in the container will help minimize the moisture in your fridge. Make sure that your food is secured correctly with fitting tops or covered tightly with plastic wrap or foil. Light it up properly Lighting in your refrigerator is vital in maintaining it in good condition. If the bulb isn't working, the tendency is to keep the door open longer and exposing your food to warm air. Change the light bulb if necessary, so that you don’t have to search in dark shelves and drawers. Clean the drain hole and drip pan The drain hole and drip pan are used to remove condensation, so it’s important to clear away any food and mineral deposits to maintain the good condition of your refrigerator. You may check the instructions in your owner’s manual to remove the deposits, then scrub put the drain pan. Empty the ice Ice can absorb freezer odors and form solid blocks on the bottom of the bin. In order to keep your ice loose and drinks taste better, you have to empty the ice bins frequently and refill it to make sure that all the ice stays fresh and odor-free. Paying attention to your refrigerator will help you keep it for a longer time. It will guarantee the freshness of your goods with simple practices and apply some preventive measures to keep your fridge in a proper condition. So, remember to follow this guide to avoid expenses from repair or replacement, and help you minimize your energy consumption while keeping your items fresh. For more information about quality refrigerator products, visit You may also ask for their assistance by filling out the form in the site’s “Book a Service” page.