Stay Warm: Top 5 Rainy Season Pinoy Meals l Condura Philippines

We Ranked the Best Filipino Food to Warm You Up This Rainy Season

Published on August 15, 2023 • 3 minutes read

Rainy season has always been the best time to eat away, or as people call it nowadays, "mukbang". In fact, this time of year is the perfect excuse to chow down on your favorite comfort food because what else is left to do when the heavy rain keeps pouring, right? When you’re stuck at home, open your refrigerator 50 times to look for some food to devour. That could be an exaggeration, but pretty sure you get the point.  

All jokes aside, if opening your fridge countless times a day is one of your habits during this weather, allow us to inform you that it could generate more electricity. That's why using an inverter refrigerator to store all your favorites is preferred these days. Now, speaking of which, we ranked the famous Filipino recipes that complement the bed-weather season, and we’re pretty sure you’d be running to the grocery store once you finished reading.   

#1 Champorado   

Making it to the top of our list is none other than Champorado. You’ll probably find the energy to get out of bed once you know that you’re about to savor this rice porridge on a rainy morning. And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without tuyo, or salted dried fish!   

#2 Sinigang   

Yes, you can enjoy a bowl of Sinigang soup any time of the year, but nothing feels more satisfying than taking a slurp on a rainy day! Make sure to top off your recipe with flavorful ingredients to make you and your family’s tummies happy.   

#3 Arroz Caldo   

What do you crave when you're feeling under the weather? Yup, we all know arroz caldo is one of them. It's a warm rice porridge that can make your sickness bearable, and for whatever reason, it's like this is the only food that can boost our appetite when the flu strikes on a gloomy day.  

#4 Creamy Chicken Sopas  

Trust us when we tell you to not let the rainy days pass without you creating some Creamy Chicken Sopas! With its rich and soothing taste, you'll get to survive the rainy blues at home as you tantalize your palates!   

#5 Ginataang Bilo Bilo   

To end our list with a twist, this Filipino dessert is perfect for afternoon snacking on dreary days. Its recipe is composed of glutinous rice balls, bananas, sweet potatoes, and tapioca pearls, all cooked in sweet coconut milk. Yum! And in case you haven't heard, this is a versatile delicacy that you can enjoy hot or cold. Just a note: Before sliding it through your refrigerator, make sure it's at least room temperature.

With these recipes at hand, you can certainly relish the drizzly season at home and still create bonding moments with the people you love. And of course, ensure that you have fresh ingredients at home. For better results, use a no frost unit, as it wards off frost from occurring on your food products. If you're looking to upgrade to a larger refrigerator with no frost and inverter technology, check out our website for a wide variety of options.